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We're used to seeing the same old kinds of buildings in our local environment. High rise apartments, two-storey family homes and small, squat bungalows repeat themselves throughout the city, and though they are beautiful in their own way, this monotonous mix can end up boring us silly. 

But what if our landscape was suddenly livened up by the introduction of a new kind of home, the likes of which we have never seen before? Luckily, architects across the world are seeking to buck the trend of humdrum homes and bring us something visually engaging. Here are seven of the most intriguing homes we've ever seen—check them out and be inspired…

1. This South African home may look like the entrance to a villains lair, but don't be fooled—it's luxurious and lavish inside!

Check it out here!

2. Is this house real, or just part of a fairytale film set? Believe it or not, this house is totally ready to live in, and is part of a picturesque housing complex in Northern Italy.

3. Cool, contemporary, and crisp, this high-class minimalist house gives nothing away. What's behind those walls? Will we ever know?

4. Tucked away in a suburban British street, this home looks small and unremarkable as you pass it by. But then… look! A true masterpiece, built around courtyards and just perfect for letting in the summer sunlight.

Keep an eye out for the full tour of this home, coming soon!

5. Up, up, and away! This house challenges everything we know about home design—how does it work? Where are the rooms? Is everything slanted?

… find out here!

6. Built with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, this house is a science fiction beauty. A large skylight dominates the petite home, allowing light to flood in without giving outsiders any views of the interior. Mysterious…

7. Is this small cabin really big enough to live in? Of course! The welcoming open living room has stunning views of the luscious gardens and surroundings, but gives no clue as to the size of the rest of the home…

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Which of these intriguing homes did you like the most?

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