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8 tricks to save space in a small bedroom

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Despite its very obvious challenges, decorating a home can be a pleasurable experience. It is true that every now and then, you are faced with problems like managing and decluttering a small bedroom. But these seemingly nagging problems only give you a chance to exercise your creative side, so that eventually when you manage to resolve them this experience feels to be an exhilarating one.

Today we will discuss some of the ways of saving space in your bedroom. Undoubtedly, these little nips and tucks will give your bedroom a thoroughly refreshed look…

1. Floating tv cabinet and shelves

A floating TV cabinet and shelves resolve your storage concerns, but since they themselves do not take up any floor space, your bedchamber feels roomier than usual. If you are suffering from space constraints, these two will be a worthy addition to your home.

2. Wall or bed mounted nightstands

Instead of free-standing bedside tables, opt for wall mounted nightstands. They are functional yet capable of freeing up floor space. Alternatively, you can invest in beds with nightstands mounted on either side of the frame. Any one of these will refresh your bedroom and stop it from looking so stuffy.

3. Wall mounted lighting fixtures

Instead of bedside table lamps, install lighting fixtures with long arms close to the headboard. You may also consider hanging stylish pendants from the ceiling. Make sure the light is not too glaring as, in all probability, you will read under these lights. 

Remember to install lighting with dimmer function. You can save on your electricity bill this way. These fixtures will not only keep your nightstands free of clutter, but will illuminate the bedroom to make it feel more cheerful.

4. Sliding doors and curtains

Sliding doorways can help you save space in a way that hinged doors never will. You can have sliding doors in place of walled partitions. Shoji screens will help you maintain privacy and save space at the same time. 

Curtains can infuse a romantic charm in your chambre. They are a space saver’s delight, for they can be used to section off a part of the room without building immovable walls. Their presence is of paramount importance to this space.

5. Use indoor hanging chairs

If so far you have not explored the possibilities of using hanging chairs in your room, then it is time for you to do so. Their presence in the bedroom will allow you to decorate a cosy chatting zone without taking up additional floor space. 

Put them up close to the bedroom windows, so that you enjoy the excellent views of the surrounding with a cup of morning tea. Instead of hammock chairs, you could even use hammocks!.

6. Recessed shelves

Recessed shelves can be a great boon to small homes. They help you to keep everything neatly organised, but the shelving unit itself does not eat up additional space. 

You can use these shelves to organise your books, memorabilia, clothes, cosmetics or personal items. You could also install shelving units with shutters to prevent these materials from gathering dust.

7. Use a Murphy bed

Murphy beds, storage bed or sofa beds are tailor made for small homes. You can keep sofa beds and Murphy beds folded away when not in use. A storage bed, on the other hand, maximises the storage space and helps you to build a clutter free bedroom. 

Both sofa and storage beds are available in a variety of styles. An upholstered storage bed is bound to give a very chic makeover to your bedroom.

8. Deep windows

Deep windows can expand the volume of any bedroom and make it feel more spacious. They were once a highly coveted architectural feature forgotten with time. But contemporary architects seem to feel their usefulness once more and reinventing them for modern homes.

If your windows are deep enough, you may use the additional space to create a beautiful window garden. It will give your room a very special look. Or, you may use this extra space to build a cosy window seat as well.

Some of these ideas are pretty easy to introduce while the rest would need a bit of work. Choose the ones you find most appropriate for your bedroom and create a luxurious atmosphere even in a small space.

If you still find yourself worried about the cluttered interior, read our tips to maximise the storage space in your small bedroom.

Which of these tips do you think you can make use of? Let us know in the comments section below!
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