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The whimsical home that outshines the rest

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Casa Josephine Living room
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Unique interior designers Casa Josephine have given us a gift that keeps on giving: a tour around their beautiful home in La Latina, Madrid. The apartment is filled with personality; quirky framed artwork covers the walls, colour fills every corner, and it's warm and welcoming with its houseplants, trinkets and creativity! We never want to leave this haven of Mediterranean inspiration.

A dream home for most couples, it is located in the city for the busy whirl of city life whilst also providing the calm and personal space everyone needs from a home. Join us for a stroll around this dreamy yet humble abode!


Right away we are struck with how beautifully decorated the apartment is! Framed prints in different colours and patterns are seemingly thrown together, yet come together to create a perfect space of wall art. Different colours and patterns bring vibrancy and life to an otherwise dull, white wall, and the large model plane gives us a bit of a clue as to who lives here. 

The room has a very home-made feel; we see apparently unrelated objects displayed together such as a vintage camera, more framed prints, mismatched books and a beautiful vase or two. Holding all of this personality is a large chest of drawers, varnished a fiery golden tone. It all feels very natural and flea-market-esque, and yet creates a very high-end design.


This study is the hub of creativity in the home—you are surrounded by books full of stories and tales, there's art of every wall, and plants in every corner. It's a very low maintenance room in the apartment—you need only water the cacti every now and then and dust the books once in a blue moon.

We love the effortlessly messy quality of this room, how the books are all shapes and sizes and how, like every room in the home, everything ties together to create a unique aesthetic that feels cosy and homely. Another hint of personality lies above the bookshelf—the model sail boat! It fills the empty space between the shelve and the ceiling effectively and is another part of the apartment that looks hand-made. Love, love, love!

Dining room

As far as dining rooms go, this one is up there with the most rustic. The furniture is all different and yet fits the room's mood perfectly, full of earthy tones and colours, wood and wicker. The wall art adds the apartment's classic eclectic style; framed prints of paintings and people bring a kind of fictional history to the home. 

Adding a burst of colour into the room, the green of the dining furniture proves itself to be the centre of the room! To top off its homely feel, the rug on the cool clay tiled floor ties it together. Another room to fall in love wth!

Quaint and tasteful

It feels like the sun shines in the pantry in this home. Golden yellows radiate a beautifully happy mood; from the bright curtains, the gorgeous draping sunflowers and the glow from the wooden furniture put your into a wonderful contented trance.

Full of plants, both real and fresh and painted and framed on the wall, this room has a freshness that continues through its design as well as its greenery. The wall above the curtain rail was empty space until it was filled by mounted crockery. The plates have floral designs on them, making sure the pantry is never lacking in flowers, and add to that recurring feel of hand-made-ness throughout the home!

Writer's desk of trinkets

How is a raven like a writing desk? Maybe the answer is somewhere in this quirky collection!

Like the study, the writing desk is surrounded by and enveloped in creativity, art and colour. Bursting with personality, the desk is almost too beautiful to use! There's so much to draw inspiration from: the wacky wall art, draws of bits and bobs and old journals full of words of the past. It is half-filled with wheels of thread and striped ribbon, and old polaroids hang from the shelf, providing plenty of inspiration of organised chaos for the worst writer's block!


We feel a very different atmosphere in the bedroom of this crazy apartment. It's a place of calm, clarity and refreshment. The designers made sure that the bedroom is a shrine of quiet and neutrality. The main colour of the room is a bright white which reflects all natural light coming in from the windows, broken up only by the gorgeous greens of the houseplants dotted around the room for extra freshness.

Behind the double bed we have a convenient fitted unit where you can keep books, plants and framed photos and it even has a little pocket in which to store your book of the week. The room is small, but still perfect for a couple with an eye for beauty.


The ensuite bathroom continues the minimalist theme of little colour and fresh houseplants. It maintains an elegant simplicity even with the black and white pictures of boxers on the walls. The circular mirror is a welcome change in the otherwise square and angular room as well as the curled ferns relaxing freely over the sides. Another space of relaxation and calm!

If you loved this apartment as much as we did, check out the simple home that does things differently.

Which room is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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