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5 ways to make open shelving look incredible

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Shelving is one of those aspects of the house that we tend to forget about or avoid because they're just shelves, right? Wrong. Shelving can affect the whole effect of a room—the way you arrange everything, where in the room you place it, maybe even where you buy it from or if you make it yourself.

Here at homify, we have the ultimate top 5 ways to make your open shelving look amazing! Sit down, sip you tea and take some notes.

1. Adding lights

Bookshelves and display shelves will always benefit from adding soft strip lights at the back to make it glow from behind. 

Do you have a holiday souvenir or small sculpture you want to show off? Add soft, warm lights. Your favourite collection of classics stuck on a dim shelf? Add some gentle lights! They will never fail to brighten up the mood in the room, whether it be the living room, a corridor, or the study.

2. Home-made

Home-made furniture will always be among the most satisfying. Making your own shelves or even just painting them yourself makes the finished product feel so worthwhile! 

These shelves are hand-painted in a minimal yet colourful style. Benefits of hand-making your own incredible shelving include being able to make it totally your own; painting it your way, perhaps matching the room's colour scheme; any shape wherever you want it in the room! You can never go wrong.

3. Shape

Shape is very important—you need something in sync with the room or the home's atmosphere and you also need enough space to put things on your shelf. 

This hexagonal shelf has three surfaces that are utilised to maximise the space but also keep it minimally invasive—perfect for a stylish minimalist home!

4. Recycle

Driftwood Shelves homify KitchenCabinets & shelves

Driftwood Shelves


Who says you need to go out and buy a brand new shelf? You can always recycle old, forgotten materials and epicycle them into new creations, such as this rustic shelf made from driftwood! 

The ancient, peeling paint makes for a very home-made, eclectic look, while the two shelves mean that there's ample room for anything you need to store up on the walls.

5. Colour

Tessera Curved Shelf ASPACE Nursery/kid's roomStorage

Tessera Curved Shelf


No matter which room in the home—bedroom, kid's room, living room or hallway—colour is important when thinking about the colour of your open shelving. Coordinate it with the general colour scheme of the room, or if you have multiple shelves to put up, coordinate them with each other! Dull colours will go by the wayside and your shelves will sin into the background, whereas bright, striking block colours will draw attention, so they are best for display shelves.

Now that we know how to make our open shelving look incredible, have a look at the top 7 items every small kitchen should have!

Which tips do you already use at home? Let us know in the comments below!
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