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Small flats are a main part of life for most of the world and even if you're living in a larger, more comfortable situation now, at one point in time you more than likely survived the limits of a small flat. From student housing to young professional budgets, or simply larger cities where small living is more budget-friendly, small flats are here to stay for all walks of life.

The best part about small flats being so popular and common is that now they're being seen and appreciated for all that they can offer—multi-functional-living wise. Here are 10 great examples of a really nice, small flat that will keep you inspired for your next living situation! Remember, finding cheaper furnishings and decor can help you stick within budget and make your flat look incredibly high-end!

1. A functional kitchen with high-end appliances

With smaller flats, utilising upper-storage compartments is best in order to keep the legroom and bottom have of the room free and clear of clutter. Also, invest in high-end appliances that are made for smaller homes—like a two-top stove!

2. Retro appliances tend to be smaller

A lot of appliance companies have released time capsule collections where the pieces are beautiful and smaller!

3. Don't forget wall art!

Lots of smaller frames and pictures can make the space seem too cluttered—so stick to large-scale art works and keep the number to a minimum. This large-scale world map is perfect for this dinette area.

4. Sectional sofas

This designer made the most of this smaller living room (and pesky corner space) but placing an L-shaped sectional here.

5. Let natural light in

Want privacy but don't want to sacrifice the natural light? Semi-transparent sheers and blinds are your new best friend.

6. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

Large bookshelves are always a positive in any home—however, with smaller flats keep the bookshelves free and clear of too many books and decorative items to make the room appear bigger. 

7. White makes everything look larger

Smaller spaces in small flats, like the bedroom and bathroom, should be kept white in order to appear larger. These white-washed bricks are a great design feature and add a fabulous sense of texture!

8. Keep the bedroom decor simple

A nightstand, light and plants are sometimes all you need to make everything appear organised and clean.

9. For the children, use upper space

If you want to provide your children with living space within their sleeping space—build up!

10. Wardrobes

Exposed wardrobes are great for a modern look, but to keep smaller flats looking clean, make sure you add doors to storage and cabinets and keep them a solid colour.

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