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Kitchen: 10 amazing bars and worktops for you to copy

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Kitchen bars and countertops are one of the largest items you will have in your kitchen, besides appliances. Especially if you like to cook or prepare food for your family or parties, the money you invest in your countertops will have a lasting effect. 

Especially in smaller homes where a dining room might not be possible, using a bar top or worktop might be your best bet to properly serve those you love. Below we have some great examples of materials, colours and styles of countertops and worktops that will make your kitchen stand out!

1. The most famous bench

Definitely one of the most popular options for more modern and contemporary kitchens, black granite countertops can instantly give you a sleek and minimalist feel!

2. A bold bench

Looking to add some colour to your kitchen but don't want to use tiles or too much decor? A bold and bright countertop is the perfect way to go!

3. White bench

Sleek, minimalist and most importantly clean—a white countertop can be found using many different types of materials that are both budget-and taste-friendly. 

4. Concrete countertop

Perfect for those of you searching for a modern and efficient option, concrete is becoming increasingly popular amongst newer homeowners. It's efficient, functional and best of all, durable!

5. Brown granite is delicate and striking

Known for its durability, sustainability and plethora of colour options, granite is a bit on the pricier side. However, with little maintenance needs and a great, sleek look you should consider it for your next countertop.

Why not combine multiple colours or granite for a unique effect?

6. The beauty of marble

Similar to granite, marble is incredibly durable and efficient if you simply apply a yearly coating to it to make it more scratch and stain-resistant. 

7. Stainless steel

Perfect for industrial-style kitchen or those of you looking into minimalist or Scandinavian design—stainless steel is no longer only applied to appliances. Stain and moisture-resistant as well as easy to clean, it's a perfect choice.

8. Wood

Fitting to modern, rustic, minimalist or smaller, cosier homes, wood is a wonderful choice and if you're smart about looking at refurnished or repurposed wood, you can get a slab for a rather cheap price!

9. Glass

If you're looking for a modern unique and contemporary look, why not consider a layer of tempered glass over a metal sheath? It will provide both reflective and hygienic qualities to your kitchen!

10. A contemporary kitchen

Again, for modern and contemporary kitchens, consider concrete. Did you know that you can get concrete either matte or polished for totally different looks? Or why not stain your concrete to add a slight colour to it as well?

There are truly endless options for almost any kitchen—and we can't wait to see what you choose!

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