12 beautiful private terraces

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Before we kick this list off, it is important to let you know what our criteria for ‘beauty’ was when choosing these terraces. 

Aside from being private, it was first of all important that the terraces brought nature in, that a terrace embraced its natural environment via foliage, using plenty of natural materials or by optimising landscape views. Bigger terraces do not get more attention than smaller ones, and the comfort factor figures big in this list because, well, comfort is somehow beautiful. 

So have a look, agree or disagree, but we bet you can't help but be a little inspired!

1. Private outside

These folks have built their dream terrace on the banks of a river running through their property. The structure itself has been built of wood, with thick canvas providing shelter. 

A back lounge area feeds onto the front terrace overlooking the gorgeous green landscape, varnished with two large, high-back wicker chairs, for a terrace as simply beautiful as its surroundings.

2. Greenhouse terrace

Purple lilacs and carnations match the violet accent pillows on the chairs and deep burnished rosewoods abound, making up the structure of this greenhouse terrace. 

The walls have been left without glass, letting the breeze sweep in past the taupe curtains, which match the cream terrace chair cushions. But what makes this terrace so stunning is the greenery surrounding it, the luxuriant and various foliage enveloping the entire space.

3. Simply lovely

Bedroom 3 Terrace TG Studio Mediterranean style balcony, porch & terrace
TG Studio

Bedroom 3 Terrace

TG Studio

The stone wall of this terrace is a work of art in itself, and it has been well matched with a simple lounger sofa of light grey, charcoal metal and wicker. 

When you have a view this amazing, sometimes it is wise to keep the terrace design straightforward and unostentatious when you know the real focus should be on the natural beauty.

4. Starlight terrace

This one wins for most ethereal, the place to have a Shakespearean costume party or sip some wine late into the dewey evening. 

With its very own, man-made constellations weaving and winding up the pillars and ceilings, you almost miss the several plants at the base of each column or the soft wood wicker furniture littered beneath the lights' gaze.

5. Colonial style

This is our only wrap around sofa in the terrace list, which is not to say it doesn't absolutely rock--complete luxury on the patio. 

In this case, the cream sofa compliments perfectly the honey wood beamed roof, taupe stone walls and red brown tiled floors; the materials alone make this space beautiful but add the shrubbery, the view and the bold light green coffee table, and we have a stellar model of colonial architecture and decor.

6. How to do an apartment terrace

When you are short on space, like most urban dwellers are, then look no further than this little terrace balcony for inspiration. 

This bohemian terrace has everything city living lacks and needs: furniture made of organic, winsome materials, lush plants everywhere, a jug of lemonade and a lazy black cat that has given the design a solid stamp of approval.

7. Eclectic love

For a more eclectic apartment terrace look, we have chosen this terrace, whose first fantastically beautiful feature is the emerald high-backed curly chair that looks like it has been taken straight off the Alice in Wonderland set. 

But when you're through admiring the chair, you'll notice that the orange coffee table is a delightfully off as well, with crooked legs, and the wood sofa's pillows are entirely inviting. 

8. Relaxing classic

A classically styled terrace that has mastered privacy--a single cream lace hammock, a table with fresh flowers and candles and a soft light green rug create a soft and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a getaway nap or novel reading session.

9. Southern comfort

High-quality materials make this terrace: rich red stone with grey grouting that matches the bench cushions, smooth grey-white sandstone, spotlighting and a yellow underlit bench all make the area feel well-executed without distracting from the big sky above and the rolling hill views beyond.

10. The wood terrace to beat them all

Ok so this one is more closed than any of the other terraces but it is still gorgeous. Wood and wickers of the same honey tone have been used throughout, making this the wood terrace to compete with.

11. Living green

MILOS Armchair - SENDAI CRYSTAL Bookcase CASAMANIA HORM FACTORY OUTLET Country style balcony, porch & terrace



Another green house terrace for you. But, this time, the living room has been brought into the greenhouse for an unusual yet delightful twist on traditional terrace design. Two large, soft grey armchairs are the focal point, set below and glass ceiling swept across by ivy. 

12. The ultimate city terrace

At last we have a roof terrace overlooking a big city and they haven't spared costs at all. Deep green grass has been spread on the ground and shrubbery sits in columned, granite plant holders on the outer edges of the roof. The ultra-modern wood and metal wicker chairs are of a complex criss-cross pattern, arranged in a circle around the central fire pit, which has itself been made into a sleek abstract work of art. And all of this, it seems, means little to the life-size horse statue with a lamp on her head, who looks down at the city outside. 

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Which of these terraces would you love to recreate at home?

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