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How to clean glass in the home… the easy way

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Windows and doors are nothing without glass. Unfortunately, glass is one of those things that just seems to collect dirt and dust all the time, so it's vital to keep glass looking clean and streak-free. In this article, we've gathered a few tips on the easiest way to clean glass in the home. 

After following these tips, you'll have noticeably cleaner surfaces, and the brightness in your home will intensify. And these tips aren't just for doors and windows–they can be applied to any glass surface, such as picture frames, glass shower panels, or glass walls. Let's get going!

Perfect cleaning in 3 easy steps

In order to obtain perfectly sparkling glass every time you clean, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps. You have to try it to believe it. 

First, you need to remove all of the dust that has accumulated by the cracks in the doors and windows. A small portable vacuum cleaner would be handy for this task. 

Next, you start by spraying wash solution directly onto your rag. This will pick up any loose dirt your hand or vacuum couldn't get. Then spray the solution on the window and use a squeegee to wipe the glass dry. This will eliminate any streaking. 

To clean, apply the law of gravity

When spraying your glass with cleaner, start up at the top. Gravity will pull that liquid down the surface of the glass. When you wipe from top to bottom, you get a more thorough clean with less streaks because you're not doubling back on areas you've missed. 

Use vinegar

In every homify article that talks about the best homemade, economic methods for cleaning things, you will always find a reference to vinegar. It's a natural product with incredible cleaning ability. 

If you don't have any glass cleaning products at home, no worries. Just mix rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in a glass of water and put it in a spray bottle. This little mixture is good for all glass surfaces, too.

For more extreme cases, use hot water

We all recognize the cleaning power of hot water. Dishwaters harness it all the time by combining pressure and hot water to remove dirt. 

If you have an extreme case, like you're moving into a new home with a lot of glass surfaces, like this one here, then you'll want to use hot water with our beloved vinegar. If you want a bit more cleaning power, think about adding some ammonia to the mixture. 

A summary of what to do

You've just seen how cleaning glass could not be easier with this method. Dust, wipe, and squeegee all glass surfaces from windows to shower doors, to glass walls on balconies. 

All you have to do now is keep up with the cleaning. Once a month is enough, but if you have a lot of traffic in your home, twice a month may be necessary. 

And a summary of what to avoid

When using a rag to clean, be sure to avoid rough fabrics that can scratch and ruin the glass. Also be wary of the dirt that's already on the rag. Get that dirt off before wiping again to avoid scraping.

In the bathroom, upkeep takes a bit more. You want to avoid soap scum or mould buildup because of the naturally moist environment of the bathroom. So cleaning here needs to happen once a week.

We hope this article helped you out! If you liked this, check out: 9 natural ways to clean your home.

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