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8 dining room errors that you have to avoid

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As interior design and architecture specialists, we recognise how easy it is to make design mistakes in every room of your home. A dining area tends to be a mix of both function and fun and although that's great, it can make things incredibly difficult when it comes to proper design techniques. Some considerations could be if you have a large or small family, how often your entertain and what your tastes and styles are.

We want to help you to avoid some of the most common design mistakes most homeowners make—these will not only aide in making your home look better but will also help in keeping you on track and in budget!

1. A disproportionate eating area

Simply be cognizant of your home and your surroundings. Just because you have a large dining room, doesn't mean you necessarily need to take up space or fill it with a large, spacious table—particularly if you have a smaller family or tend entertain less often. 

If you have a large dining room and the space feels empty, then consider a bar area or bar cart or a game table for after-dinner games and drinks!

2. Choosing a table that's the wrong shape

Tables typically come in three shapes—circular, rectangular and square. The shape you choose should depend upon the shape of your room and its size

Circular and square tables tend to do better in smaller environments, whereas larger, rectangular tables look better in larger dining rooms and homes!

3. Distribution of space

The type of table and chairs you purchase will depend on both the size of your family and the amount of entertaining that you want to do. A lot of homeowners only entertain occasionally so they are wise and choose a table which can be extended in moments of need. 

Always make sure that you're giving guests enough legroom and table room for comfortable dining and space all chairs six to twelve inches apart!

4. Check the lighting

Keep lighting cosy and dim in dining rooms. If your dining room is surrounded by lots of windows and natural light, then make sure to open these for breakfast and brunch and for later evening parties and dinner, keep them closed. 

Pendant lighting over a dining room table is one of the best and most simple ways to get the perfect amount of light for the right mood.

5. Uncomfortable chairs

One of the worst things you can do for both yourself and your guests is to purchase chairs solely based off of looks. As with any furnishings, yes style is a huge component—but form follows function—always. 

6. Other aspects of chairs

Other aspects of chairs to consider is their materials, height, textiles (bottom part) and how they will interact with the type of flooring you have.  

If you have tile or concrete flooring, then you're safe.  However, if you have hard wood floors, make sure you equip your chairs with leg cushions to avoid scratches and dents. 

7. Reinvent your environment

We all crave a cosy and wonderful dining area, but sometimes that's not always possible. In situations where you feel that you're exposed and overwhelmed by the large amount of space, think about the smaller details of the table and surrounding company.

Invest in great placeware settings, lots of candles and modern utensils to make your feel right at home and recreate a modern cottage feel for both you and your guests. 

8. Fashion vs. Intuition

At the end of the day, you'll want your dining room to represent you and everything that you love. The amount of detail that goes into planning everything in a home is incredibly personal and the area in which you feed your family and friends is especially no different.

Consider every detail carefully—from the texture of the linens and napkins, to the mood of the lighting and the smell of the fresh flowers you sit our for your next brunch party. 

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What are some of the biggest dining room blunders you're guilty of? Tell us more by commenting below!
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