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Tips and tricks: beautiful bedroom colours for every home

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We all strive to achieve the best possible look for our homes, usually starting with the bedroom. It needs to reflect your personality and have enough of your personal comforts for you—it is your bedroom after all. 

The perfect bedroom colours are different for everyone; colour affects mood and is the first thing to catch the eye. So we've put together a few tips and tricks when considering colour in your bedroom!

1. Harmonious tones

For a calm, relaxed feel to the room, earth tones will never fail you. The vibrant ochre of this room reflects self all over the space, even though it is only painted on one wall. 

Other furniture in the room fits in by being a variety of other earthy, natural tones, such as the bedside tables and the bed sheets. The whole range of colours vary from bright and vibrant, to dark and intense, to light and neutral—which we love!

2. Pure paradise

White connotes purity, cleanliness and elegance—but it's also a beautiful hue of paradise! 

It allows plenty of light to be reflected all around so the room feels bigger, and any furniture of a different colour will always fit in. Perfect for a small or dark room—just ask any interior designer!

3. In contact with nature

Do you have those bedroom decorating blues? Well not anymore!

Well, kind of. Blues transport you to the deepest ocean or the clearest of skies. A blue bedroom will bathe you in peace and quiet, and it goes well with creams and colours, too.

4. Green balance

Hues of green create the calming sense of being in a quiet summer forest. Green is said to make us feel emotionally content and at peace with our environment. 

Green is always a high quality colour for homes; most accessories and textiles pair well with it!

5. Stately and elegant

A fairly limited palette of neutrals makes your bedroom feel as if it's in the middle of an old stately mansion. 

Greys add maturity and the darker tones add more depth and comfort, naturally partnered with more neutrals, creams and beiges for a perfectly soft effect that brings a bold image!

6. Bold feature wall

One wall being painted one block of bright, vivid colour has a dramatic effect compared to four walls painted the same colour. 

Vibrant colours such as pink and fuchsia add intensity and warmth for the cosiest bedroom you can imagine! It also adds a dramatic personal stamp on the wall.

7. Fresh and airy

The key to a youthful and simple bedroom is keeping it fresh and breezy. Bright and pale blues, yellows and creams are the staple of any fresh and charming bedroom! It feels casual yet beautifully designed and wonderful to chill out in.

Want more ideas for your bedroom at home? Check out these incredibly cosy bedrooms here!

Which tip will you use in your own home? Let us know in the comments below!
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