8 cool ways to use wood in your home

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Wood in the home can give your house the fresh, creative atmosphere you want in the most simple way! You can use treated, varnished wood for furniture or flooring, or you can use chunky timber for decoration or grand beams. It is popular among the Scandinavian and minimalist styles but, of course, it is one of the most versatile materials for the home and wood (pardon the pun) fit into any style of home.

Enough with the babbling on—let's get to the 8 fantastic ways to use it in your house!

1. Great beams

Using bare timber for your exposed beams is the perfect icing on the minimalist cake. It adds earthy tones and a natural feel to the room. 

Beams are often maintained when converting barns into homes and are kept exposed in adorable country cottages, so beams are perfect for pretty much any style—eclectic, classic, minimal and more!

2. Plank mosaics and flooring

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Plank mosaics are simply beautiful, no matter how to paint or decorate them, and can bring a fantastic hand-made feel to any room. 

Whether you recycle old planks, paint your own or have it done professionally, the finished product will be an absolutely stunning and creative sight to behold! Wood floors feel stately and warm, perfect for a homely feel.

3. Trinket tower

Some of us are DIY enthusiasts or just like to mess around with making bits and bobs—so why not try your hand at this lovely little trinket tower?

We all need somewhere to aimlessly dump our keys, hairbands and various odds and ends at the end of a long day. This gorgeous five tier tower has just the right amount of space for it all!

4. Hanging wall

Wood is a great addition to an otherwise colourless room. This hanging wall is a unique way of using wood to set partitions in rooms or add simple, understated decoration to the interior of your home.

5. Tremendous tables

These beautiful tables can be stored away underneath each other, saving space and money. Wood is one of the most solid materials to use for tables whilst also being one of the most beautiful!

6. Wooden walls

Walls made from wood and timber can be made amazing by painting and decorating them! These recycled planks are certainly doing the job brilliantly—they're a stunning feature of the room.

7. Carved art

Another creative way of using wood in your home is art! Carved wood decorations and sculptures can bring a home to live, and it looks simply beautiful on any kind of wood.

8. Bookshelves

Books, books, books! A lot of us have too many books and not enough space for them to go. Books line the halls and piles of them function as makeshift coffee tables—so build some more shelves! Wood can be used as sturdy and solid shelves for your books and, naturally, is so much nicer to look at than dusty metal.

If you like using wood in your home, check out this fantastic house made with wood here!

Which ways do you already use wood in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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