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The home that got bigger for an extra family member

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Carolina Mendonça Projetos de Arquitetura e Interiores LTDA Living room
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Often our life situation will change and our homes just won't fit our needs and requirements anymore. That was exactly the case for this client, whose daughter, Sofia, had a room all to herself in his weekend apartment in  Barra da Tijuca. When he and his new wife came to expect another child, they had to rethink how they would accommodate both children, with an age difference of 8 years, in the apartment. 

Let's take a look at how the architect adapted this stunning apartment to meet the the clients changing circumstances…

A mezzanine

That's where architect Carolina Mendonça comes in. She was the one responsible for the original design and she was re-engaged to transform Sofia's bedroom into a room for both children. 

She did this by incorporating a loft area in the high-ceilinged room. The mezzanine optimises space and provides a sleeping area for Sofia. It was a fun solution that the kids love—what kid doesn't want to climb a ladder to their fortress at night!

The crib

A beautiful new crib was placed at the lower level for the new baby. The combination of natural timber and white melamine surfaces is crisp and delicate at the same time. Everything is in the detail: a beautiful mobile is suspended above the bed and pictures adorn the walls. 

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A feature wall

There's the ladder that Sofia ascends to reach her loft, high above the rest of the room. Sometimes a child can feel like their space is being encroached on when they are required to share their room with a new sibling, but here, Sofia is given her own space in the room that her little brother cannot reach—yet! 

It's a beautiful and playful solution that maximises the use of space in the room.

The dark charcoal wall forms a strong backdrop in the, otherwise, all-white and space. A number of elements adorn this wall too, and a tiny child-size armchair sits in the corner with an equally small table and lamp!

Dining and more

Now, back to the adult-oriented spaces of the home! The exposed brick wall sets a backdrop for the dining table that is further anchored in place by the large pendant light suspended above.

A shelving unit is crafted at the end wall, combining recesses and protruding shelving elements. It is elegantly composed and the combination of materials turns what could have been a plain white wall into a functional and beautiful art piece. 

One last shot…

Before we close the book on this tour, let's take one last look at the living and dining area, this time from another angle. The space is small, but the open plan arrangement affords it a connectedness that ensures it is not cramped or truncated. 

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Let us know what you thought of this beautiful family apartment in the comments below!
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