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If you take a look around the world, or even around your very own neighborhood, you will find that there are many, many different types of living situations. From student housing, to single-family homes, container homes and mansions, a plethora of living scenarios surround us on a near daily basis. Fashionable living can have a different meaning in all of these situations, and can depend particularly on your geographic location.

With all of the wonderful designers, industrial designers and viewers here at homify, we've learned rather quickly that fashionable living can arrive to us in a variety of ways, styles and budgets. Below we have five types of living and decorating concepts that can instantly change any home into a fashionable one. 

1. Mediterranean-style living

Defined by a carefree, yet intimate feeling, Mediterranean-style living is one of the easiest and most relaxing to create. Partly possible with a more eclectic approach, Mediterranean living focuses on comfort, intimate seating arrangements, room for entertaining and also areas to cosy up and relax. 

Check out the different types of seating in this living room—a hanging chair, a window-side bench and even floor cushions.  Allowing anyone that enters the home to feel welcome, this living room supports both entertaining and relaxing family time. Make sure to combine cool prints, patterns and textures for a detailed and finished look!

2. Scandinavian style

Gaining popularity in recent years, the Scandinavian style is minimal and efficient, yet traditional in many ways. High-quality design and furnishings are at the forefront of this modern movement and taking the time to choose pieces that will last a lifetime is incredibly important. 

Obviously popular for good reasons, the Scandinavian style has a dominating presence here at homify, with plenty of great inspiration!

3. Floor plans for a peace of mind

No matter the size of your home, properly arranging furnishings and accessories for a peace of mind should be a central focus. In smaller homes, providing ample legroom and using functional storage are key, whereas in larger homes where more furnishings can fit, arranging everything according to social mobility and style is essential.

This home was used both a bookshelf as means of a partition and a loft to create more vertical space, allowing the living room to feel more open and fresh. 

4. Combinations for modern living

This studio apartment is incredible in its industrial-style, modern feel. It has all areas of the home combined, and even elevated using simply plywood, yet it feels divided and open! Ironic, right? The track lighting provides the perfect amount of light to offset the abundance of natural light during the day and the plywood platforms highlight certain living spaces, like the dining room and corner bed.

For more modern combinations and great living rooms check out our modern living room design ideas.

5. Nice colours

Colours! Paint and colourful accessories and furnishings are one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to make your home fashionable! Selecting the right colour scheme (usually picking two, to three colours within the same colour family) can instantly change the face of your home and allow for your selection of decor and accessories to become an easier task to maintain!

Lights and colours are both items that can be played with in order to change the atmosphere and mood of almost any room. 

A fashionable home is easy to accomplish if you make a plan and stick to the right approach. If at any point, you start to feel overwhelmed, then don't be afraid to slow down and work with one room at a time, or seek professional advice! That's what we're here for!

Liked this article? This great ideabook shows how to use light therapy in order to interact with the rooms in your home.

Which living style do you prefer? We can't wait to hear more if you tell us!

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