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Definitely one of our favourite tasks to conquer here at homify, integrated and combined spaces are both unavoidable and brilliant. With smaller homes and city-living becoming more and more popular amongst the Millenial generation, combining certain aspects of your home and integrating spaces is a great way to create a multi-functional and efficient living situation. 

If you feel overcrowded, over cluttered and unsatisfied, consider integrating areas of your home that naturally work together: Kitchen/Dining room, Living room/Dining room, Bedroom/Office, etc.

Integrating different areas of your home doesn't simply mean putting everything in the same room—there's a particular way to approach it, even in the tiny details, and we have you covered right here!

1. Lofted beds

Popular amongst studio flat dwellers and city folks are lofted beds. Not only do they provide a great sense of privacy, but they allow more legroom in the ground areas as well.

Beautiful headboards and beds can make all the difference with smaller, petite spaces!

2. Glass partitions

Glass partitions can help in both dividing, yet integrating spaces. This living room and bedroom are combined, yet the presence of a simple glass partition changes everything!

As surprising as it might sound, partitions are a key part of integrated living—here are some great ideas for bedroom partitions

3. Lofts with bookshelves

Bookshelves are a great design feature, no matter where you use them, but particularly using them in lofts is great. It provides a sense of separation from the ground floor and creates an integrated working/relaxing space. 

4. Student-style living

Why not simply combine everything? The key here is to find furnishings and accessories that are smaller in size as to not make anything appear off-balance. Also, light, fun colours are best for these spaces, opening up the eyes and expanding the visual environment.

5. Managing angled spaces

Think these rooms are a pain to work with? Think again! Paint them white, or a light neutral and watch as your loft or studio apartment doubles or triples in size due to one optical illusion. 

6. Use bookshelves as partitions

If you already have an open-concept living plan, but want some privacy in certain areas, use floor-to-ceiling bookshelves for a quick fix. The spaces will seem separate, yet will still be entirely integrated. 

7. Be strategic with colour

Pick two or three shades of wall colours within the same family (a paint specialist can easily help you with this dilemma) and use them on adjacent walls for a great visual effect!

8. Proper seating arrangements

If you have a large space that you wish to feel more comfy and cosy, use circular seating patterns in different areas to make guests feel as though they're entirely integrated into your home. 

9. Ideas for narrow rooms/spaces

This narrow living room has both a television area and an area for simply sitting around and talking with no distractions. Use elongated furniture and place longer sofas, etc; against the longer walls—chairs and acccent furniture should be along the shorter walls for a seamless effect.

10. Colours, storage and spaces combined

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern style kitchen MDF White
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Integration of spaces also means strategic and accurate planning—colours are a great way to achieve a finished look.

These ten spaces are fantastic and use all the professional tips for creating a seamless, stylish and fun effect. Remember, the key is combining the right colours, furnishings and acccessories.  In interior design, everything works together to create a good flow.

Check out which emotions certain colours emit by taking a look at this great ideabook!

Which one of these combined living spaces is your favourite? Tell us which one, or share it with friends!

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