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11 examples of neutrals being used to make a room fabulous!

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Neutrals are timeless in the home. They are modest and remain a favoured choice for many interior designers, and it's not hard to see why. Decorating with these tones offers many different ways to add personality to your rooms, showing without a doubt that neutral decor is anything but dull. Soft hues like beige, khaki, and light grey create calming atmospheres, while the stark contrast of black and white interiors suggests drama and flair. You can go bold with accents of rich neutrals, like a deep chocolate brown or slate grey, or even the popular white on white. 

Today we'd like to show you how you can use neutrals in your home to make any room look fabulous. We'll show you how to use furniture, accessories, and design principles to get the superb look you've been wanting. And we're not just showing you living rooms–you get to see how these tones are used in the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and den. So come with us and get some decorating tips for your home!

1. A neutral decor has style

One wall, minimalist white kitchen with island Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern style kitchen MDF Grey
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

One wall, minimalist white kitchen with island

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

This first neutral interior showcases an open plan kitchen and living area. We have a great example of how to use stark colours to create dimension with the black granite countertop and wall features. 

The white kitchen island keeps things looking open, as bright colours always do, and it contrasts well with the deep grey flooring and softer grey sofa. Each space is easily identifiable by using different neutral colours, and it generates a sleek style.

2. It's inviting

Going in a completely different direction, we have this softer-looking living room which was also decorated using neutral colours. The difference here is that we have lighter neutrals. The walls are a creamy off-white and they complement the maple hardwood floors. The mellow tones are what make this room so inviting. 

But remember, just because a room is predominantly neutral, doesn't mean you can't have splashes of colour too. The yellow chair fits well in this space, as it's softer in hue like the rest of the furnishings.

3. It has heart

Neutrals don't have to just be thought of as cold and unfeeling spaces. On the contrary, a space can feel homey, soft, inviting, and luxurious using only neutral colours. The trick is to use more ornate furnishings. 

Take this image, for example. The Victorian-style carved table in the centre of the room adds class, while the cosy throws soften the space.

4. Neutrals and textures

Neutral interiors don't have to just be made of smooth surfaces. In fact, it's encouraged to mix up textures when decorating with these tones. 

As you can see from this image, the texture of the carpet pattern, the prickly-looking hanging light, the plush couch, and the smooth floors make a statement and bring a perfectly fine design up to admirable levels.

5. Neutrals express luxury

As we all know, there's quite a luxurious side to neutral tones, as well. When you use pristine and sparkling whites with translucent elements, you add a sense of extravagance to a room. And even though the furniture here is unadorned, it doesn't make it any less lavish.

6. Perfect tag-team

You know what goes great with neutrals? Earth tones. These two colour genres blend together better than any other, in our humble opinion. Just look at how this combination adds variety and dimension to the living room.

7. Scandinavian style neutrals

Scandinavian design incorporates the essence of pure simplicity and tasteful, neutral decor to fashion a space that is chic, sophisticated, and stylishly practical. 

Anyone can achieve this style. All you have to do is bring in some light coloured wood to use for furniture, such as beechwood, timber floors, and white walls. 

8. Neutrals that brighten

Neutral tones can also be used in conjunction with soft matte colours to brighten a space. This is done here with the pale yellow closet doors. They also play off the soft white walls, ceiling, and bed, adding to an overall light and airy atmosphere. 

The dark blue and olive green throws also help to centre the space by providing contrast and helping the bed stand out.

9. Neutrals can be retro

The modern-retro touch to these neutrals really creates an interesting vibe. The curvature of the chairs, funky coffee table design, L-shaped couch, and bright blue wall art characterize this space as retro and could make for quite the quirky singles pad.

10. Unrefined neutrals

Here we have neutrals with a more rustic twist. Those big, dark brown wooden beams jutting from the ceiling and into the wall are classic elements of the rustic interior. This image is also just more proof that neutrals can go with just about any interior design scheme.

11. Neutrals with a Zen touch

This earth tone/neutral combo space brings something extra to the table–namely, a Zen vibe. Thanks to the ashy grey flooring and differentiating shades of wood, we feel as if we're in a meditative and calming space. 

So really, anything can be done with this design scheme. Warm and inviting spaces are possible with soft and bright accents, while luxurious or retro themed neutrals are distinguished by their use of furniture and accessories. We have a hard time believing anyone would be opposed to this versatile colour palette.

If you enjoyed seeing neutral interiors but want a bit of colour in your life, then you should check out this artistic, family-friendly apartment with soul!

We hope you enjoyed these different neutral interiors. Which one was your favourite? Let us know below!

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