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4 fabulous Malaysian bedrooms to copy right now

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Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Modern style bedroom
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Interior design in Malaysia has really taken off in the past decades--especially in the bedroom. Modern amenities like LED and coloured spotlighting lighting combine with beautiful natural materials like wood that have been used in Malaysian design for centuries. Features of design that a cosy, traditional Malaysian bedroom needs? Bold furniture and decor. And for a modern, up-to-the-minute Malaysian bedroom? Try an ultra-modern or countrified minimalist look. Basically, all of the old design options plus more area available, and all of them look phenomenal.

So we've gathered four examples that encapsulate the trends in right now as well as the traditional, and have included those that are found both in the countryside and the big city. The thing all have in common is that they are prototypes of their class, the standard--and completely stunning! So let's begin where it only makes sense to begin: the mainstream Malaysian bedroom.

1. The standard Malaysian master suite

Tropical Retreat | SEMI-DETACHED Design Spirits Tropical style bedroom
Design Spirits

Tropical Retreat | SEMI-DETACHED

Design Spirits

Our first fabulous room qualifies for what is now the conventional Malaysian bedroom aesthsetic, which means a wabi-sabi style bed paired with several modern elements. 

Check out the new, highly sanded and polished woods, state of the art built-in furniture, several, eclectic wall patterns working together, a ceiling niche, and of course: yellow hued spotlighting and highlighting around the bed and nightstands—a fine prototype of the past twenty years of high-quality, homely Malaysian bedroom design.

2. The future: the rustic minimalism of the past

Since everywhere it seems that vintage and older styles are coming back as the future of design trends, then it should be no shocker that in Malaysia, more pastoral schemes have fast become the new 'it' style. 

As seen in this beautiful, peaceful bedroom, unprocessed, knotty woods have been made the highlight of the space, buttressing the ceiling, the bed structure and adorning the door. And the use of such woods is a totally different take on Malaysian wood use, which we saw in the first bedroom, usually involves highly processed and finished woods.

Elsewhere in the bedroom, principles of minimalism have been duly applied; the natural, simple materials speak for decorations and, aside from simple black lamps, a headboard and armchair of modern woven jersey, all else looks as though it could have been found in a modest Malaysian bedroom two hundred years ago. Because of this, the room achieves a real snug feeling, a low-key loveliness definitely worth copying.

3. Classic ultra-modern

Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Modern style bedroom
Design Spirits

Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM

Design Spirits

Another amazing bedroom type is the classical, ultra-modern one, and this room hits it right on the money. Here we have a luxuriant bedroom in the heart of the city, with a stellar view of the cityscape. And it is such an exceptional bedroom design precisely because of how well it deals with a problem so often encountered in big city Malaysian apartments: narrow space. 

The room itself is long and narrow, but with a smart use of colour, fabrics and mirrors, that narrowness has become simply a form of broadness, or a sweet cosiness. 

A totally on-trend light and darker grey neutral base covers three of the four walls and compliments the black and white marbleised wall that the gorgeous, white leather, classic Chesterfield headboard sets against. The grey with the purple bedding makes for a really majestic look which is softened slightly by the ultra-contemporary circle hanging lamp and white, geometric LED nightstand lamps. Lastly, the space opens up further because of the length-wise, wood framed mirror above the bed--also a soft nod to mainstream Malaysian bedroom decor. Basically, this room is a jewel of Malaysian design.

4. Urban, bold and clever

For our last amazing room we have this other urban bedroom, though this time set in an even narrower space than the last, and the fact that this room pulls itself off so beautifully in such a tiny apartment is the reason it had to be on the list.

Separated only by a black and glazed glass tatami-style sliding door from the kitchen, the bedroom still manages to achieve a character all its own. In high Malaysian style, bold reds and blacks pop against the light grey and white neutral base. 

The built-in bed is obviously sturdy, having been built to last as any good Malaysian built-in is. The headboard serves also as a shelf where various chic, modern knick-knacks, including a marquee letter lamp, have been set to finish off the unique and sophisticated atmosphere of the space. This one may be last on the list, but is certainly not least--extremely cosy, extremely clever!

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Let us know what your favourite thing about Malaysian design is in our comments section!
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