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20 beautiful wardrobe ideas to recreate

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Riskalla & Mueller Arquitetura e Interiores Modern style dressing rooms
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Wardrobes send a statement out, not only about you and your style, but also about how you choose to use the space in your home. They're also a cool concept in that no matter how little or how much space you have, you can always typically make it work for the sake of a wardrobe or dressing room.

Pesky corner space, odd-angled rooms and even attics can become dream wardrobes if you set your mind to it! Now there are both companies and designers alike that solely focus on offering wardrobes, storage space and shelving systems that allow you to both store and show off the beautiful fashions you've acquired over the years. The wardrobes you'll see below aren't only about the clothing though, notice the small (and sometimes large) details they'll use to take a wardrobe to a whole new level!

1. Animals incorporated

The two pendant lights and luxurious furnishings put this wardrobe on a whole new level! Notice that the room is angled, but the designer has worked with this awkward shape to create a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing place.

2. Mirrors

Contemporarily Dashing | BUNGALOW Design Spirits Modern style dressing rooms
Design Spirits

Contemporarily Dashing | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

We're a huge fan of mirrors. They're functional and incredibly aesthetic and can create a huge amount of reflective light in dim spaces. 

There are truly so many ways to use mirrors in your home!

3. Neutral and vertical

Tropical Retreat | SEMI-DETACHED Design Spirits Tropical style dressing rooms
Design Spirits

Tropical Retreat | SEMI-DETACHED

Design Spirits

Are you a more private person who would never dream of exposed shelving in your home? Understandable. Choose wood or patterns with vertical lines to keep everything secured while making the room seem larger. 

4. Something for everything

For a dream wardrobe, you can never have enough storage units and cabinets. It's better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them. 

5. In harder to reach spaces

Awkward spaces can be the most perfect places for wardrobes and storage units. Everything will need to be customised, but the use of space will certainly raise the value of your home overnight.

6. For narrow spaces

In narrow spaces you will need to focus your attention on all the verticality your space offers. So, look up for more storage and organisation space like this designer did. 

7. Altbau style

Tall ceilings, narrow, swinging doors and a lack of space all define city altbau style living. Simply add a rack for clothing and a shelf or two for a more exposed, chic look.

8. Traditional

The organisation might be slightly lacking, but the amount of space offers a lot to work with. The wide vanity, abundance of natural light and mis-matched chairs all add a personalised touch. 

9. Super sleek

Check our those hanging lights! They're perfect for smaller, more private rooms in your home and make you feel as though you're trying on a new pair of shoes in an exclusive retailer. 

10. Luxurious

No matter how wide, narrow or small your wardrobe might be, the addition of a luxurious curtain for both privacy and grand effect can make a statement.

11. Use windows and natural light

Even in narrow spaces, adding one floor-to-ceiling window can create the illusion of more space, as well as a dramatic effect when you walk in!

12. Super-pro organisation

This wardrobe is perfected when it comes to organisation and aesthetics. There are plenty more wardrobe examples like this available on homify.

13. All-white

SUNSET STRIP RESIDENCE McClean Design Modern style dressing rooms
McClean Design


McClean Design

Why not go all white? With spotlights and a skylight, this wardrobe makes everything visible for easier mornings and easier cleaning sessions.

14. Or all black

Similar to our last option, this black wardrobe shows how balance can be easily created with the inclusion of white upper-lights.

15. Scandinavian

White, simple and chic—the Scandinavian way of life.

16. Asian inspiration

Asian inspiration keeps it simple, fresh and with the addition of beautiful wood. Middle cabinets and islands are a great way to break-up space and get more storage units as well!

17. Fit for a queen

A luxurious rug, a sitting bench, perfect highlights and traditional, upper-cabinets are perhaps the best combination if you're looking for something fit for royalty.

18. Combination spaces

A workspace, a reading nook and a wonderful wardrobe all in one? Check out how the use of different shades of wood has created an incredibly dynamic environment. 

19. Simply for accessories

Some people prefer watches, others prefer shoes. If you tend to fall within the range of accessories rather than clothing, then why not personalise your wardrobe for your needs like seen here?

20. Dark and modern

With dark finishes and furnishings, this dark wardrobe is brought to life by the inclusion of inner-cabinet lighting and spotlight features. Everything is both accessible nad visible with the use of glass doors and partitions as well!

All of these examples show different styles, sizes of spaces and aesthetics, all fo which can easily be obtained by you if you use homify for your next project! Looking for more ways to organise your wardrobe? We have it covered!

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