12 common bedroom design mistakes that are easy to avoid

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 The bedroom is the most personal area of the home, so it’s essential that you feel comfortable there. It’s also the room that you will spend the most time in, a lot of that time will be spent asleep, but it’s still imperative to get the room right.

 There are common pitfalls in bedroom design that we must avoid, exacerbated by the multifaceted requirements of the room; the difficulty arising from balancing style and comfort, and space versus storage. It’s a tricky process!

 In order to help you navigate this minefield, we’ve put together a list of common bedroom design mistakes—allowing you to sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that your new bedroom will be just right.

1. A bed that's too big

 Don’t get greedy when it comes to bed size—purchase a bed that fits comfortably in your room without completely dominating the space. 

The above example works, but only because the room has been meticulously planned. Generally a huge bed in a small room will be unnecessary and cumbersome.

2. An unsuitable colour scheme

 As with the above example, choose a calm and coordinated colour scheme. Bright or clashing colours will prevent the room from being the centre of serenity it needs to be.

3. Not creating enough storage space

 Comfort and style are important, but so is practicality. Ample storage space is a must.

4. Not enough light in the room

 Nobody likes a dark and dingy room, so make sure there’s plenty of light. As always, natural light is best where possible.

5. Don't forget the artwork

 Who wants bare and boring walls? Hang a few well-chosen art pieces.

6. Don't let it get too cluttered

 Forgo the clutter and aim for something like the minimalist masterpiece above. A few art pieces are great, and storage is a necessity, but don’t fill your room with junk.

8. Don’t buy all your furniture in one fell swoop

 Getting your home right is an on-going process – it takes time. Rushing to finish your room by purchasing all your furniture and one big chain store will result in a flat, soulless look to the room. Pick up a few different pieces like in the above example.

9. Make sure it's private

 The bedroom is the one small part of planet earth that’s unequivocally your private space. Treasure that, and design it accordingly.

10. Make sure furniture isn't an obstruction

 Don’t crowd your room with unnecessary furniture, and think about how the furniture you do have is placed so as not to obstruct the room. In the above example the room’s height has been used to allow the furniture to sit together comfortably in a small space.

11. Make sure it’s comfortable!

 Here our example takes comfort to the next level with a bedroom bathtub, but the point is simple – make sure you place comfort high up on your design priorities.

12. think about the bed: loose the pillows and get a good mattress

 The quality of your mattress is not to be overlooked! A good mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep. Loose the excessive pillows too; moving them on and off the bed twice a day is just unnecessary hassle, and they clutter the room up.

 Check out these tips for creating an elegant bedroom for more helpful bedroom design advice.

Do you have any tips for avoiding bedroom design errors? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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