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Top 5 of the week: Terrace revamps and special kitchens

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It's that time of the week again! Brace yourselves guys, because this morning we'll be rounding up Malaysia's five favourite homify articles from the past seven days. 

Inspiring makeovers, clean, crisp kitchens, and tiny apartments were all hot contenders for the top spot, but which of these articles was your absolute favourite? Let's take a look…

1. Transformative terraces

Unlike courtyards, which are generally seen as part of the land within the design of a house and to be used for playgrounds and recreation, terraces are usually placed in prime locations with nice views. They're a bit higher and usually bound by low walls, and they tend to contain a bit of nature themselves with some decorative plants. 

They are a luxury addition to any home, but sometimes they are woefully neglected and fall into disrepair. When this happens, only a true design genius can save the day. Check out these amazing terrace transformations, and be inspired by just how much can be created in such a little space.

2. Very special kitchens

You don't need a lot of things to make your kitchen look good. In any case, we can be driven by a minimalist and modern design to help us with a few elements, like sobriety and elegance to get a functional and comfortable kitchen.

To do this, prioritise order, use pure colours and monochromatic backgrounds--these are some features of minimalist style that you can apply when renovating or designing your kitchen. In turn, if we use neutral surfaces to increase brightness, smooth textures and stripped furniture, we increase the feeling of space and spatial freedom. Confused? Don't be—just check out these 10 very special modern kitchens, and steal those ideas for your own home!

3. An apartment like no other

While we sometimes get very upset at the modern world, it has brought us plenty of amazing things. But though the comfort of living has never been higher, some still believe, that we are losing our connection to the natural world. 

These architects over in Buenos Aires seem to sympathies with these types of people, and have managed to create a set of beautiful apartments that are modern, yet have a natural twist to them. If you are craving a return to the simple life, look no further. Take a tour of this house, and remember that not everything has to be about fast-paced modernity.

4. A crisp family dwelling

For all the contemporary comforts we enjoy, twenty-first century life also brings new challenges. The increasing global population and increase in urban development has led to large growth in capital cities in the later part of the twentieth century, and this, in many cities, has decreased the amount of space available while increasing the cost of property. For many people, to live in a city centre location will require sacrificing property size.

That's why this article resonated with so many people. Come with us to Spain’s capital, Madrid, and see how an apartment of a mere 27 m2 has been designed to accommodate a family’s needs…

5. Dining room no-nos

As interior design and architecture specialists, we recognise how easy it is to make design mistakes in every room of your home. 

A dining area tends to be a mix of both function and fun and although that's great, it can make things incredibly difficult when it comes to proper design techniques - even the most experienced designers often trip up when trying to create their dream dining room. Not to worry! Read and avoid these common mistakes, and then decorate with confidence!

That's all for this week! Remember to stay tuned to homify for more magical makeovers, inspiring tours and helpful home hacks. See you next Sunday!

Which of these articles was your favourite? Let us know below!
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