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9 ways to improve your home for under 150RM

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We all have big dreams for our home design and most of us never have the budget to fit those dreams. But a lower budget does not mean our homes are foredoomed to stay in the shadows without shining and delighting--especially nowadays, when there are so many inexpensive and creative home improvement options.

homify has come up with a list of nine way to spiff up your home for under 150RM. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you have found one or two ideas for cheering up your home and can then have that sweet feeling of being both tasteful and super savvy that folks working on enormous budgets simply won't ever feel. So let's start already!

1. Get a new plant

Kitchen plants Custom Media KitchenAccessories & textiles Natural Fibre
Custom  Media

Kitchen plants

Custom Media

Believe it or not, many overlook livening up their home using foliage, tending to place greenery only outside on the terrace or patio. But investing in a nice, medium-sized or large, leafy plant is a fail-safe way to turn a dull and drab space into a luxuriant, lively one. 

2. A wall tattoo

Having given traditional wallpaper a run for its money, the wall tattoo has become the go-to alternative for folks on a budget who additionally don't want all the tedium involved with ripping down wallpaper and gluing up a whole new wall of it. 

Wall tattoos, on the other hand, are simple to install and easy to remove--and cost less or up to only 150RM!

3. Paint an accent wall

Detail of kitchen island and structural column plus accent lighting Chameleon Designs Interiors Modern style kitchen
Chameleon Designs Interiors

Detail of kitchen island and structural column plus accent lighting

Chameleon Designs Interiors

An accent wall is one wall or part of a wall that you paint a different colour from the rest of the room. 

They have become super popular options for DIY home improvers because they so effectively cheer up a space and because they are relatively inexpensive to execute—paint producers now cater to accent wall painters by selling cheaper, smaller batches of lead-free, quick-drying indoor paint. 

4. Build a new shelf

SJ Bookcase Large & Midi We Do Wood Living roomShelves
We Do Wood

SJ Bookcase Large & Midi

We Do Wood

If you or a friend have some basic DIY skills in building, then building your own shelf can be both a functional and fun way to improve your space—and all it costs is the price of a few sheets of wood, asking a neighbour for a drill (if you don't have one) and some screws. 

Wondering what kind of shelf you should build? With the internet, it is easy enough to look up several shelf plans and professionals for some quick tips. Build away!

5. Colourful throw pillows

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Patterned or colourful throw pillows are available these days seemingly around every corner: in the market, the home store and even, sometimes in discount clothing stores—which means they are inexpensive. 

So for your next quick home improvement, pick up some bold pillows to scatter around for a big of delight and added comfort.

6. Sew your own curtains

Homemade fabric curtains these days has also dropped in price compared recently so a cheap and beautiful way to make your home feel more homely is to pick up some bright or sheer curtain fabric to sew curtains from. We recommend light, thinner, on-trend fabrics to give your room a feeling of lightness and air.

7. A new painting

Lionid style Knife paintings by Sheeba SHEEVIA INTERIOR CONCEPTS ArtworkPictures & paintings

Lionid style Knife paintings by Sheeba


If you know of a good shop that sells great photographs or paintings, pop in and get one along with a nice frame. Or, for less than 150RM at a craft store, you can get all the supplies you need to paint one yourself!

8. A few new lightbulbs

If you are on a budget, you can really perk up your home by adding lights to unlit areas. As seen in the photo, plenty of soft electric light in a room makes it look vital and big.

Instead of buying full lamps, you can make your own pretty easily by just buying a few lightbulbs and stringing them from your ceiling--it is the 'it' industrial look at the moment.

9. Go minimalist

For our last 150RM-or-less-tip, we recommend going minimalist in your home design. This means that if you have a lot of home clutter, chuck it, reduce down to only the essentials and let the natural loveliness of your home's design shine through as the main decorative element. The best thing about this tip: it's free! Once you have de-cluttered, you can choose from any one of the other eight tips mentioned in this article to spice your fresh new space up. Enjoy!

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