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15 easy and affordable ways to improve your small kitchen

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We are all constantly on the look-out for cheap and easy ways to improve our homes, and even the slightest little idea can make a huge difference. When it comes to kitchens, the same applies! Usually you can find affordable things whilst browsing through flea markets or, nowadays, smart DIY ideas on the internet that range from simply moving furniture around to going all-out and creating a beautiful trinkets for the kitchen such as a spice organiser or a place to put herbs and plants.

Below we have an ultimate list of a whopping 15 easy and affordable ideas to improve a small kitchen so that its size never gets in the way or takes away from its interior. So whatever style of small kitchen you may have in your home—be it modernminimal  eclectic or Mediterranean—we have a whole bunch of tips and tricks for its improvement!

1. Layer up

Layer up with your shelves. Your small kitchen with benefit exponentially from several shelves that are layered up on the walls. This leaves you much more space to use on the units and in the cupboards and drawers below and there's no fear of having no idea where anything is.

All 15 of our easy and affordable ways to improve your small kitchen are tried and tested by many people all over the world and have worked perfectly for many kitchens of different sizes and different styles, so why not have a go for your own kitchen? 

If you want to have a look at more ideas for your kitchen, check out these 6 small kitchens that are perfect for any home for more inspiration!

2. Hidden storage

Bespoke oak larder homify Kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


Integrating shelves, drawers and organisers into your cupboards could save you a lot of trouble and is a cheap way to keep your little kitchen in order, too! 

This grand cupboard opens up to plenty of shelves for your dry goods, a microwave, a spice rack, 4 large drawers for keeping things like potatoes and onions in, and even more shelves where packets and small jars are kept. That's more than generous for a small kitchen.

3. Tiles

If you have a tiny kitchen, then it may look dull, boring and dark. Some may look plain and gloomy and in desperate need of a little life and colour. SO why not add these gorgeous patterned tiles to your walls to brighten up the place? They always give a breath of fresh air to any room, no matter what its size!

4. Pastels

Pastels are not only beautiful and calming but are also fantastic at reflecting light from windows and lights. Lots of light in the room makes it feel less claustrophobic and much bigger than it really is so you can breathe in peace as you make your way through the kitchen. They are also great for bringing colour and vibrancy into the room!

5. Store cooking utensils on the wall

Easy-peasy. Kitchens without enough storage or cupboards for your utensils and cooking equipment are quite common, so a classic trend has the perfect opportunity to make its way into your home. 

Install small hooks into the wall of your kitchen so you can hang them on the wall—this makes them so much easier to locate and there's no silly organising or mess!

6. Whitewashed

Small kitchens often don't get enough light from windows and electric lights, but an easy way to combat this is to paint almost everything bright white. White is the best colour for reflecting light and will therefore brighten up the room. It is also the perfect colour for a modern kitchen and will look stunning! 

7. Sliding doors

Sliding doors in the kitchen are a great addition if, like a lot of us out there, you need a way to hide a messy pantry or a slightly disorganised shelf (it's organised chaos, promise… ). 

They are incredibly efficient and when not in use will act as the wall around you. Clutter does nothing to help the appearance of a tiny kitchen, so these sliding doors are definitely worth consideration.

8. Integrated chopping board

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green Kitchen
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

Another clutter-busting trick it to have an integrated chopping board in your worktop! You can quickly slide it out, prepare your veggies and slide it away without having to dig around for a place to store it. It's an extension of the unit itself which means you can keep the kitchen looking clean and tidy—which is vital for a small kitchen.

9. Drawers and cupboards

We are always nagging about storage, storage, storage, but for good reason. This kitchen truly maximises the space it has using numerous shelves within cupboards, integrating shelves and racks for wine and dry goods, all the while only taking up a small space in the home. When thinking about your own little kitchen, take notes from this room—especially the layered cupboards!

10. Integrated dining table

No room for a dining room if you have a fabulous little kitchen? Integrate the worktop and a dining table to create an adorable table to eat at! This extendable kitchen-dining table is perfect for a meal for two when you only have space for a small kitchen.

11. Glass doors

If your kitchen is tiny and feels quite claustrophobic, why not open up the space by either knocking down the walls or replacing them with windows? This helps other rooms in the home share their light and makes it feel so much more open and airy. Open spaces are a huge trend, no matter what size your rooms are.

12. Chalkboard walls

Have some fun with your kitchen! Using chalkboard paint on your walls is a fabulous tip for the average family with a small kitchen. If you need something to liven up the room, grab some coloured chalk and get creative with your walls.

13. Small units, large fridge

This kitchen goes minimal in its approach to physical stuff such as plates, pots and plans. What it lacks in utensils, it more than makes up for in the size of the fridge-freezer. 

Inside, there's plenty of space for anything and everything you need to stock away, out of the way in your small kitchen. When there isn't so much to store, you won't need the space in the kitchen so it would be opened up.

14. Striped worktops

Another fun and easy idea for small kitchens is to simply jazz up the worktops. These striped unit tops are beautiful and quirky; you don't find many unique kitchen worktops very often. As you can see, it makes the room light up with vibrancy and makes any size of kitchen a better place to be!

15. Plants and herbs

Small kitchens don't always feel like the freshest of rooms in the house, so one of the best affordable and easy tips is to keep a few pots of fresh herbs and maybe even some houseplants around the room to maintain the freshness and keep the kitchen smelling great.

Houseplants are also a stress-reliever so you will always be relaxed whilst cooking your favourite meal.

Do you use any of these tips and tricks in your home already? Let us know in the comments below!
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