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How to design your home to match Michelle Yeoh's

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 Having starred in films such as ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ and ‘The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor’, Malaysian born actress Michelle Yeoh has become a major Hollywood star, and being a big star has its advantages!

 Michelle Yeoh’s seven bedroom property in the exclusive community of Golden Beach, Florida, is a luxurious waterfront mansion, and today, we’re going to run through some of its key features so you can design a home fit for a movie star.

1. The façade

 Michelle’s magnificent water-front home was designed in a classic style. The home has pillars at its entrance, and balconies extending from the upper floors. White in colour, its set back from the front gate allowing plenty of space for parking.

The home pictured above by architects, Estudio PM, is a slightly more modest dwelling, but designed in a similar style that ticks all the boxes. If you’re looking to create a home similar to Michelle’s, make sure it has a large drive and balconies facing out from the front of the home.

2. Renaissance stairs

 Upon entering Michelle’s home we come to an astonishing dual renaissance staircase, this grandiose feature is an absolute necessity for creating a similar home.

3. Get a piano

 Michelle’s luxurious living room features a huge window covering an entire wall, providing a stunning view of the waterfront beyond; it has dark hardwood floors, a leather sofa and a grand piano.

 Now, we may not be able to recreate the expansive window and waterfront views, but if possible install a hardwood floor, and above all purchase a leather sofa and grand piano.

4. The pool

 You know Yeoh has a pool! Step out the back of her palatial home and you will find the pool immediately in front of you. Overlooking the pool we find a plethora of balcony spaces, not unlike the home pictured above.

 If you’re looking to recreate her home, make sure there’s plenty of balcony space at the rear of the home too, and don’t forget the pool.

5. Sun loungers are a must

 On a patio beyond the pool, facing out to the water, Michelle’s home features a row of sun loungers. Now, you may not have a waterfront property, but sun loungers by the pool are a must!

6. Outdoor dining

 Steps to the side of the pool take you down to a U-shaped outdoor breakfast bar complete with a BBQ; overhead, geometric cuts of canvass provide shade. The key takeaways for anyone attempting to imitate this fabulous home are a shaded outdoor ding area with a BBQ.

 If you’re searching for luxury home ideas, then you should check out this stunning Singapore home.

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