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Gallery of horrors: 24 home mistakes that you absolutely must not do

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What a horror!

Who knows how many times a day we exclaim this sentence when we stumble across a particularly awful picture on the internet. When browsing interiors, we all too often come across something that lacks any style or elegance, two rare quality even in the furniture world. You have no idea how many horrors we end up sifting through before finding the projects that truly stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

Learn from the best is a good motto to live by, but we can also learn from other people's mistakes. That's why today we'll be showing you some of the worst home projects we've encountered—some people just really lack taste! 

Here's everything you should NOT be doing at home… help! 

1. A kitchen with dead colours

homify Modern style kitchen Plywood

Whoever chose this kitchen must be colourblind. Shiny plum fittings paired with a dark countertop and glossy puke-beige walls… we shuddered!

2. A carriage in the bedroom

This is a nightmare, right? No, unfortunately this bedroom actually exists. Where they will put the castle? 

The room doesn't seem to be large enough to accommodate this mysterious object. And what about those random LED lights on the wall?!

3. A very sad wall tattoo

Love India? That's all well and good, but the owners of this house took it a little too far. After less than 3 months they will be heartily sick of that colour and pattern mash-up. Never paint your wall like this!

4. The velvet walls

Padded velvet walls? Horror! They aimed for 'chic', but ended up with 'high class Victorian mental institution'…

5. A heavy classical style

We are not in seventeenth-century France! A style like this is ill-suited to modern life—leave the flouncy details to Marie Antoinette. We do not live in the past: say no to bulky wardrobes and Baroque style beds.

6. The purple / orange / green walls etc. etc.

Abdul Bros Modern walls & floors

No, no and no! These colors weigh down the room, depriving it of light. Yes, they may technically match up on the colour wheel—but that's no excuse for splashing these shades all over your walls.

7. The complex and colourful ceilings

Theme based headboard and bedroom false ceiling design homify BedroomBeds & headboards

A real horror—even interior designers with no experience should cringe. Black and white ceilings should never be attempted—you'll just end up with a psychedelic Beetlejuice interior like this. Who knows how many headaches this room has caused!

8. An old bedroom bridge

Yes, we know, retro trends from the 80's and 90's are making a comeback… but not in your home! This kind of decor is best left in the past where it belongs.

9. A bedroom without consistency

Master Bedroom 3 homify Modern style bedroom

The future of design? Certainly not in a bedroom like this! Too many colours and shapes fight for your attention, with no consistency. 

10. A checkered floor

Another headache-inducing example of black and white decor gone horribly wrong. If you opt for chequerboard tiles, keep them small, matte, and confined to one area.

11. A kitchen with random colours

Modular kitchen design homify Kitchen

Yellow, dark green, and another shiny black countertop. Actively designing a kitchen like this takes a lot of courage… or perhaps madness?

12. A bathroom with extravagant fittings

The shower is fine, but what happened to the wall and the sink ?! They seem to be made out of newspaper… this is an excellent example of what happens when a designer takes a pretentious arty concept too far.

13. A bedroom mired in confusion

Inexplicable colour choices. We have no words.

14. When DIY goes wrong

Perhaps the intentions were not so bad, but the end result is questionable: we have no idea what this tangled mess is, but we wouldn't want it in our home for more than an hour.

15. A kitchen with sparse decoration

Purple, black, white, and dodgy floral wall tattoos—can I hear you say tacky?

16. A sofa with a split personality disorder

The designers probably thought this was cool and kitschy. They were wrong. Stick to one idea, please!

17. A television far away from the couch

Most people like to watch TV without having to squint at the screen #justsaying. 

18. A dead carpet

homify Living room

One of the freakiest home trends of the past few years. Who wants something that looks like a poor animal dead on the floor? Horror!

19. An animal rug with a table top

… even worse than the first!

20. Two chairs that no one will ever use

homify Classic corridor, hallway & stairs Wood Beige

Do you want to decorate the entrance? Do not do it with useless chairs that no one will never use—they'll just become an extension of your coat stand.

21. What are those chairs all about?

This room could have been a dream, but those chairs turn it into a knock-off Versace nightmare.

22. Eh?

Did these guys really think that an unimaginative print and three tiny statues would be enough to jazz up this stairway? This just doesn't look good.

23. A too-bold bedroom

A mural so big and impressive can really ruin everything. A shame, because this bedroom could otherwise look quite chic.

24. Way too far out

Same applies here. There is potential in this room but the colours on the wall could quite frankly blind literally the inhabitant. The pink of the other walls is questionable. But fair play, the furniture is pretty nice!

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Translated and adapted from an original article by Eugenio Caterino for homify IT

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