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How to decorate your home with plants?

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Everyone has, at some point, had a plant in some capacity. And for good reason: plants are plain beautiful, fun to take care of and watch grow. Add to these that they are the most versatile decor item around, complimenting every design genre there is. 

But sometimes, fully integrating plants into our homes or optimising on their potential is not first nature for a lot of us. Once we have got them home, how should we place them? And maybe, if we do not have a lot of natural light in our homes, perhaps it is even best to get a fake plant? But worry no more, because homify has put together how-to list of five sure-fire ways to decorate with plants inside the home; from where to put them, how to care for them and what is on-trend in the world of green decor. Our first tip concerns plant integration into the home. Let's have a look!

1. Mix your plants up with other items

Definitely the most trailblazing way to decorate with plants is to make it seem as though your plants were just more everyday items in your house, blending in as delightful organic fixtures of your home. 

Achieving this look means placing a few of your plants in unconventional areas, like an always open cupboard, next to the mixer or on the shelf below the hand towels. It may take some experimenting with different locations before you get an arrangement that pleases you, but once done, we guarantee your home will feel fresher and more homely. 

2. Choose the right pot

Indoor decorative plants should be given more special treatment than their outdoor cousins in several ways: rotation, extra water and: prettier, more sophisticated planter pots. So you need to choose the pots for your indoor pots based on two features: how they look and how tidy they are.

Be sure the pots you use inside are either self-irrigating, without holes or, if with bottom holes, come with a cute little plate to set it on. Because having to clean up a big wet mess after every watering is not the decor to go for.

Last, do use decorative pots inside as accents to both your plants and your inner decor scheme. There are plenty of adorable, hand-painted or carved plant pots on the market or, spend a creative afternoon art-deco-ing your own!

3. Put them near a window

Move your plants near a window to receive filtered sunlight and keep them lush. Decorating window areas with plants lets every bit of the plant's green luminescent glow brilliantly under the sheen of sunshine. 

Keeping your green decor healthy also means they will be pumping out extra cleaner, oxygenated air so your home will literally be and look less stale.

For more on how to make your house plants last longer, go here.

4. Stagger their heights

Three Tiered Plant Stand homify Garden Furniture

Three Tiered Plant Stand


An often made mistake when decorating with plants inside is to have several gorgeous plants all sat side-by-side, flat on the ground. Doing this does not really optimise views of each plant and, if they have been put near a window, it also means that some plants will be hogging all the sunlight, so that you'll have to change their positions regularly.

Instead, we recommend staggering the plants' heights, and it's simple enough to do: just simply buy a staggered plant stand or, if you have staggered countertops or windowsills, put one or two plants at each different height. Doing this will showcase your plants more and also keep them looking healthy.

5. Green walls

There used to be far less options for decorating the inside walls of your home with plants but nowadays, there are plenty of funky and fun options for bringing greenery onto your walls, including self-irrigating wall pots that don't leak as well as ones that help plants like ivy crawl across your ceiling or wall. 

Depending on the type of plants you choose, be cognisant of matching the plant colour to that of the wall. For example, darker green plants contrast well with cool shades or light neutrals, while ultra light-coloured plants pop better off of darker tones, like burgundy or dark grey.

In the end, so long as you stick to principle of creativity and plat health, your plant decor will always look stylish. For tips on how to decorate your garden with plants, go here.

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