12 ways to prepare your home design for winter

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Now that we are quickly approaching the winter months, we are all looking for ways to prepare our homes for the cooler Malaysian seasons. There's only a matter of time before the winds become stronger, the rains become more frequent and relentless and the chances of snow and ice are considerably higher—so how about we check out some ideas on how to prepare?

The next 12 ways to prepare your house comes from many experts and years of experience so they are all tried and tested and, even better, easy and affordable! So wrap up in a blanket and let us help…

1. More cushions

No one wants to be freezing cold in the one place in the house where you are supposed to be the most comfortable. In the winter months, it is best to stock up on cushions for your living room

This adds extra comfort so you can relax instead of shiver! You can never go wrong with cushions; we lie on them, lean against them, hug them and even nap on them—so just stock up, Malaysia.

2. Throws

Adding cosy throws to your bedroom will always be one of the most popular ways to stay warm and comfortable during the coldest nights. They add an extra layer of insulation to help maintain your warmth under the covers, and also add a gentle weight distributed all around the body which helps to calm and relax you. 

Throws are affordable and come in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns, so they will fit with any personality or style of bedroom.

3. Blankets

A stack of Finest Harris Tweed quilts Quilts by Lisa Watson BedroomTextiles
Quilts by Lisa Watson

A stack of Finest Harris Tweed quilts

Quilts by Lisa Watson

Blankets are a no-brainer. Any and all rooms in the home can get cold, so to save turning the heating on and therefore saving money, purchase a few blankets to put in different rooms. 

Similar to throws, they are cheap and also come in different colours and styles, so there's no worrying about whether it will feel in sync with the room. We need to get snuggly and warm under a blanket as the winter months close in on Malaysia.

4. Get a thicker, heavier duvet

Cool Nordic Bedding Style TrueStuff BedroomTextiles

Cool Nordic Bedding Style


Some people keep a separate duvet to change to when the weather changes; the summer duvet would be thinner so you wouldn't get too hot during the night; the winter duvet would be thicker and heavier to keep warmth in. It is a brilliant solution to a chilly problem!

5. Thick curtains

Putting up thicker curtains is an interior designer trick to add an extra layer of insulation in your living room or dining room. The extra thickness helps to keep warmth inside the room and the cold outside, meaning your evenings can remain as warm and cosy as they were in the summer.

6. Soft lighting

Install soft, warm lighting around the home. Adjusting to the fewer hours of light during the day is difficult for a lot of us, resulting in gloomier moods, so keeping it bright inside the house is a fantastic way of fighting that! 

7. Textiles

Cloths, fabrics and other textiles are all great insulators for the kitchen. Use table cloths to avoid cold dining tables; use cushions for your seating so there are no cold chairs to sit on at dinner. 

Adding textiles, especially with an Asian flair, to the kitchen is a simple way to make the room feel cosy, too, and generally nice to be in.

8. Fairy lights

Who doesn't love fairy lights? They're sweet, soft, and can come in different colours and shapes to light up any room. Winter brings longer, darker nights so you need some more light to replace the natural light that disappears earlier and earlier everyday.

9. Candles

Multi Wick Pillar Candle homify Living roomLighting

Multi Wick Pillar Candle


Candles, candles, candles! Malaysian homes in winter will always benefit from candles. They bring light, beautiful aromas and create a lovely, relaxed atmosphere to any room. 

A cheap and easy solution to dark winter evenings, they give you a sense of peaceful and are mesmersing to watch.

10. Thick rugs

Love having warm feet around the house? Then thick, fluffy rugs are a perfect way to prepare your home for the winter! Feet are often the first part of the body to become cold, so a huge fluffy rug like this one is perfect to keep your toes warm in the Malaysian winters.

11. Fireplace

To create some heat in a large, airy room, install a fireplace. Not only is it going to warm up your home, a fireplace is a relaxing sight to watch on a sleepy evening! 

12. Patterns

Finally, another little tip to warm up your home's interior ready for winter is to use patterns. Patterns brighten up any room they're in and therefore banish the wintery gloom that sometimes sets in from October onwards!

There's much more inspiration around on homify, so why not check out these 9 fall and winter interior design ideas! Just don't forget the blankets.

Which ideas do you use for your home already? Let us know in the comments below!

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