9 creative ways to combine different decor styles

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You know we here at homify love talking about all different kinds interior design styles. From minimalist to Victorian, we've got you covered on furnishings, accessories, and how to achieve the perfect atmosphere. But today, we don't just want to go over one particular style, but rather some of the most popular style combinations we've seen surfacing over the past few years. 

The best thing about interior design is that it's so versatile–you can mix and match design styles in the same way you can mix and match colours, and we're here to highlight the best ways in which it's done. Because modern design has been on the rise, a lot of our decor combos features modern elements, but for those of you who don't want to follow the crowd and commit to that style, don't you worry, we have something for you too.

We put together this list of nine creative ways to combine different decor styles to create the perfect interior design fusion and we hope that by seeing the different kinds of furnishing, colours, and patterns, you will be able to gather some inspiration for your home. We hope you enjoy the collection!

1. The modern-rustic combo

The first interior design fusion we're showing is the modern-rustic combo, and this is a style that perfectly suits the posh yet down-to-earth types. 

The matte black cabinetry, geometric patterned pillows, and neutral colour palette appeals to your modern side, while the grey brick and wooden floors bring out your natural side. This kitchen and living room space really does embrace rustic warmth and charm with modern amenities.

2. Modern vintage

Living Spaces, ERC ERC Living room

Next up, we have modern vintage. This style is best for those who are more whimsical in nature. Careful and practical arrangements, cheeky upgrades, and differentiating colours are the signature elements of this arresting design. It's the hanging light fixture and giant wall art that contribute to this room's modernity, but the colour palette and choice of materials that makes it vintage. This interior has an almost child-like quality but with vibrant festivity, so you and your guests are left feeling at peace.

If you’re a fan of quirky spaces that blend interesting modern pieces with striking vintage finds, then you're sure to love this vintage bedroom how-to guide!

3. Asian modern

Asian-style interiors instantly bring about an image of peacefulness. Any Asian style design is highly recommended for those of you need a little extra calmness, but this Asian-modern fusion is what we would personally recommend. 

Asian interiors in general aim to relax you in the midst of your daily work grind by incorporating natural and Zen elements to create a harmonious and balanced space. But with added modern features, things turn up a notch. The relatively unadorned walls and free space on the floor is typical of the modern style, but the beautiful and dimly-lit rock gardens at the foot of the bed and by the window are what give this room a Zen vibe.

4. Retro industrial

This home combines the mechanical features of industrial style decor with the quirky, round, and poppy style of retro. This interior design style works well for people who love the edginess of industrial, but also appreciate the more playful side of older and seemingly out of date styles. 

The grey brick wall and solid black staircase are signature industrial elements, while the bright yellow cupboard adds a retro twist. The differentiating textures in this room are also characteristically industrial–the roughness of the brick, the smoothness of the floor, and the grainy nature of the wooden table add dimensions that are only seen in the industrial interior.

5. Shabby natural

The shabby natural style incorporates the best of tattered with organic. Anyone who loves the outdoors and a simple lifestyle will appreciate this fusion. 

Raw, unfinished wooden beams on the ceiling give us the characteristic shabby look. The same goes for the blanket. To incorporate more nature into the space, we have an indoor plant and the use of earth tones.

6. Rustic Scandinavian

For those of you who love Nordic design and can't get enough of the rough and raw nature of rustic, look no further–Rustic Scandinavian is the design for you. 

This design scheme plays with neutral colours, natural light, and functional space in a way that perfectly aligns with the rustic furnishing, especially the barn door in the background. 

7. Asian colonial

In this bedroom, we have a particularly interesting fusion. It has all the ingredients for the colonial design scheme: sturdy, hand-built items, antique styling, and use of wooden materials. 

But it's the bedspread and decorative pillows that bring in the Asian decor vibe. The red and gold colour are characteristic of this decor, and the elephant on the comforter adds even more Asian flair.

8. Modern Victorian

Next up on our list of modern amalgamations is the modern Victorian look. This bedroom that is a beautiful fusion of Victorian flair but with a modern spin. 

The light purple and blue colours are typically Victorian, but it's the plush bed cushions and soft, palpable shag rug that really bring in the luxurious edge. But with elements like clean lines, dark solid wood furnishings and flooring,  the room takes on more of a modern atmosphere.

9. Retro tropical

Retro and tropical design styles go together like peanut butter and jelly. Anyone who is looking to add life and natural charm to their space will thrive on this style. The curvaceous nature of retro style furniture mixed with the natural vibe of the tropical style interior creates a space that makes you feel like you're in the Bahamas all year round. This style works particularly well in the greenhouse or observatory, too. This room, as well as the other eight we saw, is proof that you don't need to stick to just one design to express your personal style.

If none of these style combos struck your interest, then check out this perfect combination of traditional and minimalism!

Which one of these design styles did you like the most? We'd love to hear from you below!

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