The 10 most popular homes in September

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Courtyard House - East Dulwich Designcubed Modern style balcony, porch & terrace
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 Here at homify we aim to showcase a wide variety of homes from all over the globe, from big to small, modest to magnificent, classic or cutting edge modern there’s something special about every property we bring you.

 We’ve been privileged to take virtual tours of a great many home’s this month, and with September drawing to a close we thought we’d look back at some of this month’s most memorable properties.

Read on for a rundown of our most popular properties of the month, as we take you all over the world to a variety of very different homes that have one thing in common – they’re all amazing!

1. Spanish rustic villa

 This beautiful villa exudes friendly ambiance. Constructed from natural materials, this stone-cold stunner of a home comes with a dream garden that merges seamlessly with the home’s interior.

1. Surreal but superb

 Number two on our list comes to us from beautiful Brazil, where it sits among stunning mountain scenery. This surreal but superb home features some amazing lighting. The home’s sizable balcony provides a vantage point from with to enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

3. Tatami Tardis

 Number three on the list takes us to Japan where a home’s humble exterior hides a surprisingly expansive interior. The wonderful wooden interior blends traditional Japanese design and Scandinavian elements to create a modern minimalist marvel. See for yourself!

4. The courtyard house that caught our eye

Courtyard House - East Dulwich Designcubed Modern style balcony, porch & terrace

Courtyard House — East Dulwich


 This suburban British home holds a fantastic surprise; the ordinary exterior of the home encloses two spacious courtyard spaces. Not only that, a glass ceiling above dining room ensures that the sunshine can be enjoyed all year round. .

5. This blue our minds!

 Back to Japan now where this home’s eccentric blue exterior contrasts the spacious wood and white interior. This multifaceted modern dwelling features a traditional tatami room with crazy under-floor storage solutions.

6. Small but spectacular

 This home may be a mere twenty-five square metres, but it makes up for its size with abundance of style. This elegant and modern apartment is cosy, but doesn’t feel cramped.

7. The virtues of simplicity

 Back to Brazil now as we feature a charming modern apartment that’s simply stunning. This open plan apartment comes with great view too!

8. Managing space in a luxurious manner

 The decedent décor is not the only striking feature in this lavish home, the space inside is managed wonderfully by achieving a balance between open plan and enclosure.

9. A curious cube of creative design

 Architects Alts Design Office make their second appearance on our list, and once again a misleadingly understated exterior disguises what lies beyond. Inside we find a home of richly coloured timbers, with mezzanines and recesses shaping the unconventional dwelling.

10. White and whimsical

 Inside this small but memorable Madrid apartment we find dashes of primary colour amidst the bright white colour scheme. A wooden ladder leads to a whimsical mezzanine bedroom, what more could you want?

Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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