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10 steps to a perfectly simple home

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While we admire and appreciate large and ornate structures and interior designs, there are many of us who would strongly prefer to live simply. With less decadent furniture and overwhelming accessories, a home takes on a calmer atmosphere and the inherent beauty of each piece of furniture or art in these homes starts to really stand out. Minimalist homes are the simplest of all interior design schemes and they charm us with their innovative style. So if you've been striving for this home look and feel, then keep reading–we've got a good one for you today!

We are going through the 10 steps to a perfectly simple, minimalist home design. We'll talk about accents, textures, furniture, and how to add your own personal style. Creating a simple home is now within your grasp, so get inspired and don't forget to tell us how it went when you're finished!

1. Declutter and remove unnecessary items

The first step to a simpler home is removing all unnecessary items and decluttering your spaces. You can't showcase a simple interior when you have all your chairs huddled sloppily in one corner or when your cups or other loose items are lying around. This living room is the perfect example of how simple furniture and bright white walls in a clutter-less space can be just as elegant, but even more inviting than a Victorian home.

2. Maximise natural light within your space

Simple, minimalist homes are famous for their use of natural light. Natural light helps to set an inviting and calming mood, perfect for those of you who want a relaxing home. This minimalist home uses a light cream colour for its interior in order to maximise that light coming in.

3. Add colour with accents

Not all minimalist homes are just black, white, and grey. You can also achieve the same simple look and add colour that doesn't overwhelm the eye by adding accent pieces like this red chair. You can also opt for a colourful accent wall to add even more colour.

4. Embrace patterns, textures, and tones

Using different patterns, textures, or tones helps decorate a space without the use of ornate furniture or overbearing knick-knacks. In this room, the rug adds excellent texture and contrast to the smooth and sleek flooring. And the soft texture of the couch adds an inviting element to the otherwise neutral space.

5. Keep your floors clear

In addition to keeping things clutter free, you also want to keep as many unneeded items off the floor as possible. A simple home design requires free and open spaces, so avoid gratuitous side tables or lamps and look to this room for inspiration on an ideal furniture setup. Make gatherings more intimate with an arrangement around a centre table and closeness between seating.

6. Create your own kind of minimalism

As with designing any other interior, it's important that you add a little bit of you to your minimalist space. Hang your favourite artwork on the wall, or put your favourite flowers in an ornamental vase on your coffee table and use it as a centre piece. The more you personalise your space, the more it becomes a home.

7. Choose artificial light carefully

You want to make sure that the lighting in each space in your home matches the mood of the room. You're probably not going to want overbearing and powerful lights in the room you sleep in, so opt for softer lights. These lights set a great calming mood and invite you in. On the other hand, in larger and more social areas of the home, like the kitchen and living room, you want brighter lighting.

8. Opt for subdued tones

When creating a minimalist home, you should consider using a base of subdued tones. They're easy to decorate with as they provide a neutral backdrop, and you can easily balance it out with darker accents. 

9. Keep walkways clear of furniture

It's always important to keep your passageways easily accessible, and that's especially true when you're striving for a simple home design. But if you absolutely have to have furniture in this area due to space issues, then consider installing a bookshelf in the wall. That way you can store your items but keep the floor clear.

10. Choose quality over quantity

Our final tip to you is this: always, always choose quality over quantity. Choose quality pieces that express you or the calming, simple atmosphere you are trying to create. Don't buy random simple-looking pieces thinking it will somehow come together to be a well-designed home. In this room, we have carefully thought out, high-quality pieces of furniture that coordinate perfectly in tone and style with the wooden walls and ceiling. The designers here didn't try to paint the walls a bright white and add modern furniture, but they used the foundation and created a unique and charming home. And if you take nothing else away from this article, be sure to remember that.

If you liked these tips on how to achieve a simple home, then you might enjoy taking a tour of this minimalist home with character!

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Did any of these tips help you in your journey towards a simpler home? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!
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