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10 relaxing ways to make your Malaysian home more zen

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Sometimes the stress of busy city life can make its way into your home and can have a subtle yet significant impact on your life. Home is your place to relax and unwind, away from the noise and bustle of the outside world. For the average Malaysian home, it is difficult to find an extremely zen place to chill and be peaceful.

When you've hit your list and need inspiration on how to make your home more zen, we here at homify have the top 10 ways to help you along with your mission—just put on some tranquil music and try some out.

1. Earthy colours

Neutral colours and earthy colours have that pleasant sense of calm about them that bright and bold colours disturb. Decorating your Malaysian home in these amazing colours can completely transform how people feel in the room; colours are known to have a significant impact on mood and atmosphere. 

2. Carpets and rugs

Place soft things under your feet. Fluffy slippers, soft rugs, clean carpets. Textiles of all shapes, sizes, colours and thicknesses will ease the strain on your feet and legs—it's a small change, but it makes a huge difference. Especially when  rugs and carpets are used in places meant for rest, such as the bedroom or the living room.

3. Green plants

Green plants bring more freshness into any room; they are suitable for veery single room in the home. In the living room, they're decorative. In the kitchen, they can be pots of fresh herbs for meals. In the bathroom, they're a fresh fragrance. As long as you stay on top of watering them, plants are one of the best ways of making your home relaxing and zen.

4. Play with soft and natural light

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A zen atmosphere often comes from soft, natural light; it relaxes you and relieves tension in the body. Harsh, artificial lights, however, can be overwhelming and too strong for yours eyes. If you play with natural light in your home, you can brighten every room in the house!

5. Light fabrics

Either light in colour or weight and thickness, light fabrics can make your home feel far more relaxed. For example, lights fabrics as curtains diffuse natural light beautifully around the room; light fabrics as a bedspread are decorative and pleasant. They can make any place in the house feel more open and brighter, as if it lets more air in—just ask any interior designer. Perfect for a Malaysian home!

6. Sweet and simple furniture

One of the most important aspects of creating a zen paradise in your home is doing away with all of the extras and stripping it down to simplicity. Standard, simple furniture is unimposing to the eye and therefore won't stimulate your vision so much—and a generally minimalist approach to furniture tends to be the best when designing your Malaysian zen home.

7. Keep decor to a minimum

Bare or barely decorated walls mean there's not much to look at, and therefore no distractions while you're trying to relax. A full, busy home of decoration and knick-knacks can be almost overwhelming, so take yourself back to basics. 

8. Scented candles

This may be one of the most obvious tips. Candles are mesmerising and warming; perfect to use in the evenings after a long day. A lot of candles are scented with floral, fruity or other unique fragrances so you will never be without a wonderful aroma in the home. They're one of our favourites.

9. Eliminate the clutter

You don't need clutter. A cluttered house means a cluttered mind, and if you want your home to become more zen, it needs to go. Whether it disappears into storage or ends up in the trash, you'll feel so much better when your home has space in which you can think in peace, without worrying about things around the house. You can keep a clear head whilst chilling out in your newly de-cluttered space.

10. Have a space without electronic disturbance

This is vital. We all need a space of our own, where we can sit and have room to think and breathe for at least a few minutes. Usually, a terrace or balcony is perfect. Away from all electronic disturbances (including your phone!) you have space to help your mind reset itself after stressful days.

We feel more zen already! Everyone needs a couple of tips for a simple, relaxing space in the home sometimes. If you want some more tips for simplicity in your home, check out these 10 steps to a perfectly simple home

How do you make your home a zen paradise? Let us know below!
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