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12 steps to a subtle and simple home

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窪江建築設計事務所 Living room
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 Here at homify we love to feature unusual, luxurious and original homes.

 We put together guides to creating unconventional and striking looks for all areas of the home; we love originality, and showcasing diversity.

 However, great interior design doesn’t have to scream in your face, it can also whisper gently in your ear. There can be beauty in simplicity, and an understated home that speaks to you is a true example of great interior design.

 Perhaps understated has been underrated, so today we’re looking at how you can create a subtle, and simple home.

1. The colour scheme

 First and foremost think about the colour scheme; bold or clashing colours don’t scream subtlety! White may be the best choice, but a low key colour scheme of neutral tones will work equally well.

2. Think minimalist

 Less is more. If you aim is simplicity then think minimalist.

3. Pick the right style

 It’s important to pick the right style for your home, and then to think carefully about how that style is executed. A more understated, Scandinavian style will help to shape a simple, subtle home, but electric will take your home in the other direction by incorporating brighter colours and different styles.

4. Minimise accents and clutter

 Building on point two, don’t ruin your hard work by filling the minimalist home you’ve created with unnecessary clutter. Get rid of anything nonessential, and make sure there’s ample storage so that you can maintain an organised home.

5. Conceal storage

 Speaking of storage, concealing it will give the room a simple, tidy look without the need to downsize in your possessions.

6. Coordinate furniture

Living Room homify Living room

Living Room


 In many cases, we would advise against purchasing entirely uniform furniture, but if simplicity is your aim then coordination is the key.

7. Think about the layout

 Consider carefully the layout of each room, and make sure it is designed to maximise space; removing any unnecessary items of furniture.

8. Choose art pieces carefully

 Forgo any outlandish art pieces and opt for one or two subtle pieces that blend with the room.

9. Think about the light fixtures

White gloss U shape kitchen designed by Schmidt Barnet, project in Ghana, Africa. Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern style kitchen MDF White
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

White gloss U shape kitchen designed by Schmidt Barnet, project in Ghana, Africa.

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

 Get the light right with subtle fixtures. Think spotlights and not chandeliers.

10. Think about the sink

Linear | A Contemporary Kitchen Extension Davonport Modern style kitchen

Linear | A Contemporary Kitchen Extension


 Taps, sinks and hardware may seem like small details, but they impact the room’s overall feel; opt for classic, modest items.

11. Pick the right floor

 We’re putting our foot down when it comes to flooring; it must be wood or plain, darker tiles. Wood effect laminate works just as well on a budget.

12. Coordinate cabinetry and counters

 Coordinate your cabinetry and opt for a simple kitchen counter. The above kitchen creates a big impact with its distinct style, but if subtly is your aim then avoid bold colours!

 For more helpful home design hints check out this guide to creating a coherent and flowing home.

Have you got any tips for simplifying the home? If so, let us know in the comments below!
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