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Impressive living room transformations that will WOW

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The living room is often the social heart of the home, the place where families gather, where friends meet, and where memories find a container. At times it may be your escape; your retreat to solitude. Other times; the perfect place to entertain. So why wouldn't we give these crucial spaces in our homes the design love and attention they deserve. 

But if you find yourself with a dilapidated, drab or dated one—fear not, we've got plenty of tip and tricks to help you transform you living room! These 5 impressive makeovers are sure to give you plenty of inspiration for your own design. Whether you veer towards the eclectic end of the spectrum or the minimalist, the wide range of designs below are sure to offer something that will take your fancy. Let's take a look…


Dated cabinetry, a thick dull carpet, and a dingy atmosphere tethers this living room to the past. It certainly doesn't promise relaxing nights spent in, or evenings spent entertaining. But wait…


The stone fireplace and exposed timber beams set against the white ceiling and walls takes this living room from drab to stylish. The modern aesthetic is grounded in a homely and earthy charm, thanks to the material selections. 

The plush furnishings lend the space a touch of glamour, while the streamlined stair and glass coffee table anchors it back to a sleek approach. The new opening is large and seamless, perfectly connecting the interior to the outdoor living area.


This living room was a mess: peeling plaster, chipped paint, cracked walls and a dilapidated floor. The door opening onto a small balcony offered the only glimpse of hope is this shabby room.


Except for the doors, nothing in this transformed room is recognisable thanks to the architects at Arch. Andrea Pella. Given a slick coat of white from floor to ceiling, the new space is fresh and bright. Complimented by various shades of grey, it is modern and refined. 

The door to the balcony has also been rendered white and is flanked by symmetrical bookcases on each side. The couch and ottoman provide somewhere inviting to sit, while the state of the art entertainment unit offers the ultimate in contemporary convenience. All in all there's a slightly futuristic appeal that propels this living room from its meagre past.


The brown honeycomb-patterned floor has a certain charm, but it doesn't evoke a homely atmosphere. Dated furniture doesn't help either. It's a disorderly hodgepodge of styles and materials, that lacked cohesion and finesse. 


The large glass windows remain the same, but other than that, little is the same. The bright and cheery space is afforded more stylish furnishings, a sleek and contemporary fireplace, and a few vibrant pops of colour.   Framed artworks line the walls—there is no shying away from a little decoration and adornment.


It looks somewhat like a garage that a teenager has converted into a space to hang out with their friends. The walls are peeling, and the exposed ceiling structure is unintentional, shabby, and definitely not chic. Everything is drab, dreary and falling apart. 


You would never even guess this was the same space! The dramatic angular planes and gentle curves are complimented by sophisticated materials. Concrete and timber are elegantly lit by the thoughtfully designed lighting. There couldn't be a better way to conclude this stunning before and after series. 

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Which one of these transformations did you like the most? Let us know below!
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