9 money saving hints for small homes

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This article is a particular concept to say the least, because one would think that saving money in any home would run across the board of homes of all shapes, sizes, budgets and styles. With smaller homes, the idea of compact, integrated and functional living is already existent, but it's in the tiny details that budgets are made and money is saved. Eco-friendly and sustainable options are also not hard to come by these days, making this money-saving quest even easier.

Check out the nine hints below for ways to make your home cost-effective and budget-friendly, without making anyone uncomfortable and without any major sacrifices. 

1. Energry efficiency

One fo the easiest ways to save money in any home is to carefully observe all lighting components. This means choose eco-friendly and sustainable light-bulbs, fans and appliances!

2. Use modern and matching storage

Storage will be your best friend in a smaller homes and storage compartments and systems never have to mean boring either. Check out these matching peg hooks and cabinetry!

3. Skip on traditional cabinets

Mighty Plate rack The Plate Rack KitchenCabinets & shelves
The Plate Rack

Mighty Plate rack

The Plate Rack

Forget bulky cabinets that cover wall-to-wall and need paint, etc; Grab an old vintage metal cabinet or simply add wood shelves and go for an exposed-shelving idea!

4. Furnish your small home appropriately

Small homes need small-scale furnishings! Particularly search for multi-functional furnishings to add cuteness and cut down on the bulky items!

5. Plant herbs and vegetables to save money

In your kitchen, grow a plethora of herbs and vegetables—you'd be surprised how much fresh herbs can cut into your grocery budget if you've ever had to buy them fresh. Grow them yourself and especially items like chilis and smaller vegetables. 

6. Try DIY projects for cheap accessories

Tea Towels Zoe Attwell KitchenAccessories & textiles
Zoe Attwell

Tea Towels

Zoe Attwell

Get online, or homify, and find some great DIY projects that will make your home personalised, customised and budget-friendly. 

7. Refurbish and renovate your pre-existing structures

Don't spend too much money on new furnishings, accessories and decor. If your home is already equipped with high ceilings, great baseboards and parquet flooring, then spend time making these items look brand new to add character!

8. Combine spaces for integrated, efficient living

Integrated and combined spaces are perfect for cost-efficient and functional living—it's not just for students!

9. Simply use wall colours to add changes, not expensive items

Rather than going for more acccessories, decor and furnishings to change the look of your home, opt for colour changes! Be smart in both your choices and application—if you choose wisely then the need to change will surely go away! This home has combined neutrals and bold colours for a dynamic and integrated environment!

Small-scale living typically includes those which are watching their budgets and adjusting to a different quality of life—we think both are smart components of modern living. Find yourself in a smaller, Malaysian-style apartment? Check out the best colours for a Malaysian apartment here!

What do you do to stay within a certain home or interior design budget? Give us some more tips by commenting below!

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