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14 of the most stunning shabby chic living rooms you will ever see

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French Shabby Chic Living Room Katie Malik Interiors Living room
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 Shabby Chic style is about the beauty of imperfection, and the effort that can go into creating an effortless look.

 Although it’s sometimes hard to pin down, the essence of the style is that it celebrates an aged, worn look rather than creating a new, polished look to a room. Often, this is achieved through purchasing antique furniture, or newer furniture that has been distressed to give it an older look.

 Shabby Chic décor can appear quite eclectic, as if the room’s composition has grown organically without much thought, but in reality it can take a great deal of meticulous planning – and trips to flea markets – to achieve the desired effect.

 In celebration of this unique style, we’ve put together a list of some truly stunning Shabby Chic living rooms.

1. More Chic than Shabby

 Number one on our list maybe a little controversial—the furnishings are lacking the characteristic distressed look—but with its retro sofa and blending of classic and modern styles this luxurious living room has certain Shabby Chic quality.

2. Small but Chic

 It may be small, but this little living room has an abundance of character thanks to its cool Shabby Chic design.

3. Shabby Chic on another level

 This charming living room combines beautiful Shabby Chic style with imaginative use of space to create a truly unique dwelling.

4. French Shabby Chic

French Shabby Chic Living Room Katie Malik Interiors Living room
Katie Malik Interiors

French Shabby Chic Living Room

Katie Malik Interiors

 Spacious and stunning, this large living room has it all—class and coziness. The log store to the side of the fireplace is a particularly nice touch.

5. Modern but Chic

 Number five mixes modern elements such as the lamp and coffee table with more traditional cabinetry and a rustic roof, to create a powerful look with Shabby Chic undertones.

6. Understated Shabby Chic

 One doesn’t typically associate darker colours with Shabby Chic, but the style of the drapes and the worn look of the clock give this dark and dynamic room a definitively Shabby Chic feel.

7. Rustic and Shabby Chic

 This rustic gem has a style all of its own! The curved stone roof and white interior are simply stunning.

8. Spacious and Chic

 We get just a glimpse of what this living room has to offer, but with its beautiful bay windows flooding the room with light it certainly stands out.

9. Colourful Chic

 That worn retro sofa and classic coffee table blend with the dashes of bright colour around the room to create a shining example of Shabby Chic design.

10. Chic Sofa

 That classic leather sofa and chest bring a little Shabby Chic quality to this beautiful, blue apartment.

11. Chic this one out

 Appearing almost as a mixture of classic and electric styles, the wonderfully worn sofa brings a Shabby Chic element to number eleven’s design.

12. Simple but Chic

 This room’s simple, but elegant design works wonderfully with the sublime blend of colours.

13. Chic symmetry

 The immaculate composition of the penultimate entry to our list results in this living room leaving a lasting impression.

14. Chic like no other

 Here we find that wood and pastel shades blend together elegantly to form this lovely living space with a distinctly vintage feels.

 If you enjoyed perusing these superb Shabby Chic living spaces, then check out this guide to Shabby Chic design.

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