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We here at homify are huge fans of the Korean style, especially when it comes to kitchen design. So what is Korean style really? Well honestly, it doesn't differ that much from US or European styles. The most notable difference between these two regional styles is probably the premium on space. 

In general, Korean kitchens are smaller and more compact, while also focusing on maximising storage, but that of course doesn't mean that there are no larger kitchens in Korean homes. The kitchen is also rarely a separate room in Korean homes, meaning they tend to be a part of an open-plan layout, and dining areas area also often incorporated into these. But above all else, Korean kitchens are known to exist in every interior design style there is, meaning the possibilities and looks are endless!

So why are we talking up Korean kitchens? Because we're going to be showing you a few of the most sublime Korean kitchens we've seen yet, that's why! We want to show you just how versatile these kitchens can be, and with a little luck, you might be able to draw some inspiration from them yourself for your own kitchen design!

1. Now that's what we call open-plan living!

Our first Korean home is the epitome of open-plan living, and the kitchen takes up the corner in the background.  Big on open communication and functionality, and certainly not lacking on style, this kitchen is ahead of the curve. 

2. Future frenzy

We love the futuristic style. All white, geometric, high-class, and streamlined, futuristic styles like this leave the competition in the dust! It also has all of the must-haves for that ultra modern look.

3. Modern minimalist

The modern and minimalist styles are everywhere you go, and that's certainly no exception with Korean kitchens. This one even blends the two perfectly to create a bright, clean, and fresh atmosphere. You can't go wrong with this cutting-edge design!

4. Placement is key

This pearly white kitchen adds new dimension with different colours and textures. The black subway tiles and parquet flooring add richness and distinct flavour, and accents like the plants add an inspiring touch of nature.

5. Connecting spaces

The kitchen is tucked away in a corner that also opens onto the adjacent dining and living rooms. It is anything but discreet–this kitchen is similarly minimal to the two we just saw, and it's just as glossy. The white is offset by the dark chocolate brown of the dining room table and the wooden elements in the living room. The lighting is sophisticated and hi-tech, reminding us of the futuristic style.

6. Dark woods

In this modern kitchen, we have an excellent example of what you can achieve with dark wooden tones. In a predominantly white kitchen, deep, dark woods create a stark contrast and bring an element of warmth to the space.

7. Mediterranean influences

Not all Korean kitchens are just white on white–in fact, Korean kitchens are known for their blended style, and this Mediterranean-inspired concept makes a huge impact on this kitchen. Mediterranean tiles were used as flooring, contributing a quirky and down-to-earth vibe.

8. Cute and cuddly

This kitchen uses pastels to create a cute and cuddly environment for these homeowners. The soft, sweet pink and matte white work incredibly well with lighter wooden tones, like we see on the work surfaces. And it's the small things here that really add an old-fashioned charm–just look at the circular cabinet knobs and the offbeat hanging rails.

9. Rustic

The rustic style is time-honoured and respected, which is why so many people opt for this design in their homes. This kitchen makes us feel as though we were in grandma's cottage–the raw brown and white brick mixed with the deep green colour of the cabinetry help to build a hospitable environment for you and your guests.

If you like this style, then be sure to check out these six ideas for a rustic home!

10. Hidden, but not lost

Small kitchens are no match for great design. This L-shaped kitchen combines functionality with flair and makes great use of vertical space. It's tucked away in the corner so that it doesn't disrupt the flow of the living room, but that doesn't mean it's any less grand. Open shelving keeps things neat and tidy, while the white and grey colour palette bestow graciousness.

11. Modern inspiration

This modern kitchen shows us that you can have an all white interior without having a stuffy ambience, and it's the use of textures that helps to avoid it. The texture of the brick walls adds magnitude  and enhances the sleekness of the style.

12. Built-in breakfast bar

Here's something a little different–a kitchen with a built-in breakfast bar. This simple extension of the work surface allows you to prepare evening meals while overseeing your children’s homework and hearing about their day.

13. Using black

Korean kitchens aren't afraid to go bold, and there's nothing more bold than black. Whether paired with white as we see here, or stainless steel, or even wood, black elements in the kitchen make for a beautiful and inspiring place to cook.

14. Extensions

Here we have a very different extension of the kitchen–namely the wooden countertop. This piece separates the kitchen from the rest of the home while also providing differentiating colour and additional work surfaces.

15. This white kitchen is anything but vanilla

All white interiors express one thing above all else–purity. These architects injected a minimal quirky style with the unique backsplash pattern and curvy components.

16. More rustic touches

보광리 (Bokwanglee) HOUSE & BUILDER Modern style kitchen

보광리 (Bokwanglee)


Large wooden beams on the ceiling (or anywhere they can fit, really) contributes to that rustic, countryside look. The wooden trim around the door and white wooden storage units amplify this sentiment, and we just love how these kitchen planners combined grey block tiles with white subway tiles.

17. Last, but not least

We're ending our piece on these 17 sublime Korean kitchens with an amalgamation of almost every style we've seen here. Bright lighting and geometric elements give us our futuristic component, the white and streamlined design contribute to the modern style, and we even have great use of parquet flooring, which could be seen as a modern, minimalist, or even rustic design element. 

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Which one of these multifaceted Korean kitchens did you like the best?

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