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A traditional family home that is also modern

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Japan has a long history of harmonious, simple design, that promotes tranquility and reflection, and we love that this tradition has continued despite massive changes in the lifestyles and living environment of modern Japan. The house we're looking at today is a sublime blend of the modern and the traditional, with natural log rafters coupled with concrete surfaces, and a classical courtyard, accessible from all sides with huge windows, adding lush greenery to the home in a throwback to more peaceful times.

This is a home that's very economically sensible, ecologically aware, and yet makes no sacrifices on style. It has a minimal, occasionally industrial vibe that is warmed up by the natural touches, resulting in a surprisingly cosy modern home. Designed by Spill Architecture, the house is a testament to the harmony and ethos of Eastern philosophy, while also managing to sit right on the cutting edge of modern architecture.

But don't take our word for it, see for yourself!

A quaint exterior

From the outside this house looks unassuming, almost a kind of modesty when you see how wonderful the interior looks. The big open windows allow for natural light and in the nighttime they provide an inviting glow after a tough day. 

The traditional structure is simple, but the secret is that the space has been fully exploited to maximise use.

The garden

As you'll see, the garden represents a focal point for the living areas in this home. In traditional style it is protected on all sides by the house, meaning it can be appreciated from several angles, but more importantly providing privacy. 

By isolating the garden it transports you to another world, helping you to forget you're in the middle of the city. We love how lush this garden is with plenty of green allowed to grow out naturally, and the bamboo, as always, looks fantastic.

The dining room and kitchen

What a gorgeous view for enjoying your breakfast. The large, almost full wall windows blend the exterior with the interior, while still protecting from the elements in the winter months. The simplicity of the dining room, not overly furnished and carefully spaced, means that focus is drawn outside to the garden, giving a sense of harmony with the natural environment. 

If there's one room where you need your modern conveniences though it's the kitchen, and we think they've done a great job of blending the contemporary style of the kitchen into the more classic feel of the rest of the house.

The living room

Again the garden is the true star of this room. With a large open space the living room has an airy feel, with flow in and around the furniture. The natural log rafters look just fantastic here, giving the room an earthy feel that further compliments the unhindered views of outside, tying together the natural with the man made. 

Reflecting the wood in the hardwood floors is a great idea, and the neutral colour scheme allows the natural beauty of the materials to really stand out.

At night

At night time the warm radiance of the lighting gives the room a cosy tavern feel, providing an interesting contrast to the cool fresh vibe the room takes on during the day. Notice the use of concrete in the back, which when misused can feel cold or sterile, but contrasting with the natural woods adds a modern touch to the decidedly traditional style of the rafters and woodgrains. 

We love how the architects have used the house's height to add to the living area, increasing air flow and reducing claustrophobia, with the upstairs room only taking as much space as is absolutely necessary in a clever utilitarian touch.

The loft

And here's that upstairs bedroom, a simple affair that allows you to keep an eye on the house, perfect if you have kids, while maintaining full privacy. 

That large glass window allows the room to take advantage of the natural light filtering in through the living room, and it's a great antidote the dank and musty feeling that attic rooms can sometimes take on.

The bathroom

The bathroom room really maintains the neutral style of the house, but also the impressive dedication to functionality. The floor to ceiling tiles unify the room, giving it a clean feel, and the spartan furniture arrangement has a calming effect.

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What was your favourite room? Let us know below!
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