10 economic ideas to renovate your kitchen

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Arquitectos Building M&CC - (Marcelo Rueda, Claudio Castiglia y Claudia Rueda) Modern style kitchen
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Home makeovers–daunting, or fun? Sure it's intimidating when you don't know where to begin, but with the right help and a little patience, any remodeling adventure can be enjoyable. What's more, it doesn't have to break your bank account.

In this article, we want to talk about the room in the home that gets updated the most–the kitchen. We want to show you 10 economical ideas to renovate your kitchen that will change the way you look at home improvement. Check out some ideas and you may surprise yourself with what you can take away!

1. Replace coatings and doors to create detail

In our first kitchen, we want to show you how to create detail with colour. By simply replacing the coatings on your cabinet and doors, you can add interesting detail. Here, turquoise was used for the cabinetry, which creates further harmony with the Mediterranean-style tiles on the floor. All in all, the new outfittings and opaque shades give this space a unique vintage feel.

When thinking about new cabinetry, refacing is the most economical option. It costs about half as much as replacing them entirely, takes a week or less to finish, and that's really what saves you money. It's also less hassle than tearing our those cabinets completely. What's more, it’s a green remodeling solution because you’re not adding to the landfill.

2. Jovial yellow decor

Even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on the wall can be enough to upgrade your kitchen's style. 

This project can be done in a day, depending on the size of your kitchen, and we all know how cheap it is to buy a couple cans of paint and go at these improvements yourself. And this image just proves that white isn't the only colour that's suitable for the kitchen, as the colour practically oozes warmth and welcome.

3. Spots of colour

You can add more dimension to your kitchen at an even smaller cost than repainting by simply adding colourful accents. 

This kitchen here shows how a strip of bright red across near the ceiling heightens a room's visual appeal. The red band also delimits the white cabinets.

4. Remodeling with plants

Even small touches like adding plant life to your kitchen can completely change the look and feel of the space. 

These fresh, bright, green plants and herbs bring in a touch of Mother Nature and welcome us in ways artificial decor cannot.

5. Decorative objects

Refacing and repainting are all well and fine if you want to remodel, but you can also add decorative elements at a fraction of the cost that can spice up your style. 

Take this kitchen, for example–the fancy hanging lights and beautiful artwork on the wall add character and class. And then there are those cute glass fruit bowls atop quaint and rustic wooden blocks that act as great centre pieces. You can make it a point to have a £100 spending limit for decorative objects and trust us, that's more than enough to completely transform your kitchen.

6. Don't forget the lighting

Changing the lighting always renders good results. Don't think that you have to stick with the ordinary suspended lamps that most kitchens have–you can decorate with wall, floor, and table lamps, as well.

For more ideas, check out this article on some seriously bright ideas for kitchen lighting!

7. Renewing fixtures

Nothing says a modern and up-to-date kitchen like brand-spanking new appliances! This piece of advice does come at a higher cost than the rest, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean you have to spend all your money on this.

Focus on the piece of equipment that needs to be replaced the most. These tend to be the refrigerator and the oven, as they're the ones that are used most often. You'll have to be crafty here and shop for some great sales, but with the rapid need for appliance replacement in today's world, we're confident you can find a great bargain!

8. Open shelving and hanging rails

Open shelving and hanging rails are ideal for those who do not have much space and want to leave everything  in sight. 

If your cabinets are just ugly beyond repair and you want to abolish them completely, this is the perfect alternative. And anyone can install these shelves, making this one of the cheaper remodeling options on our list. They're also a great storage solution for smaller kitchens.

9. Adding small tables

Maybe what your kitchen really needs is a special place to sit down and have your morning cup of tea. As this image shows, a small table for two against the wall provides the perfect spot. 

And these LED lamps hanging at different levels above the table are the icing on the cake for this gorgeous kitchen.

10. Personalise

Our last piece of advice for remodeling your kitchen is to add a little touch of you. Of course, any new element you bring to your space is a reflection of yourself, but with innovative ideas likes this blackboard in the kitchen, you can personlise like you never thought you could before. Each and every day, you can draw something new to inspire you, or you can even quickly jot down your grocery list. 

Didn't get enough inspiration from this article? Then you have to check out this beginner's guide to kitchen renovation!

Which one of these ideas are you going to take with you to use in your kitchen? 

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