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19 simple garden ideas with spectacular results

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Would you like to change something in the garden, but you have no idea what? In this article you will find 19 ideas that can help to make a world of difference to your home—no matter what size your garden is. The examples we provide show gardens both large and small, unusual plants, beuatiful design, cosy seating areas and water elements! 

The ideas are simple but the result is spectacular! Check out the best our professionals have to offer…

1. Different levels

Creating different levels in the garden has several advantages. It shows that you are willing to be more dynamic with the space and create different areas. It's also nice to give each level a different atmosphere by using different materials such as stone, wood or gravel and water elements.

2. Straight bright lines

Check out all the different colours and materials here! A great stone patio area, a beautiful strip of green grass and two shades of gravel for the plant area. Dynamic, yet simple and beautiful. 

3. Wooden

Wood elements are always great—just make sure to always properly seal and maintain them. Also be careful choosing darker shades as the sun will surely lighten them in a short amount of time.

4. Stylish conversation pit

All you need are a few benches and a love seat—oh, and don't forget the cushions! Then you're on your way to late nights over a nice table or open fire. 

5. Modern fountain

Fountains can seem outdated at times in gardens, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't explore your options. This modern fountain is truly sculptural art.

6. A place for relaxation

Even in the smallest of gardens you can sit an area aside for a chair, a tiny table, some books and candles!

7. Potted plants

Pots come in all shapes and sizes and for this reason, they can easily be incorporated into any space!

8. Lighting

Lighting is a key feature to the exterior of homes—especially in gardens. Use ground highlights that will shift the focus up towards the plants and trees, as well as show the outliers of the garden space. 

9. Bamboo

One of the most versatile woods in the world, bamboo is both eco-friendly and sustainable, as well as beautiful! Use it as fencing, flooring or even a partition!

10. A zen corner for a small garden

Zen gardens should truly be appreciated for what they are—study them, learn about them and then put a lot of thought into developing and designing your own. The whole process should be meditative and fun.

11. A green wall

Vertical gardening is super trendy, and perhaps is a trend that is here to stay! Check out how small this vertical garden is—don't feel overwhelmed!

12. Details on every corner

Unique planters, rare plants and tons of different raw materials—let your garden be seamless with nature.

13. Stone cladding

This stone cladding is fantastic and offsets the bright blue features in this garden. If you're worried about cladding breaking the budget, then consider veneer or faux-cladding for the look for less. 

14. A fireplace or campfire

A backyard fire pit is a great feature and one that can allow you to keep using your garden and patio area well into the fall and winter months!

15. A bedpost lounge

For those in beautiful tropical or sub-tropical climates, a bedpost lounge is something you imagine at a five-star resort. This surely doesn't mean you can't add it into your own backyard!

16. Make a cosy space

Making a space cosy is simple—add everything you love. But notice how at least two or three aforementioned elements are all this space has to make it feel super cosy (fencing, potted plants, a conversation pit and an open fire!)

17. Marked areas

Use design techniques to separate or distinguish certain parts of your garden for certain functions. Notice how each area here is signaled by a change in materials.

18. Beautiful garden access

Be sure to keep the entryway to your garden clean and simple. Sweep the floors, keep everything watered and maintain the plants as best as possible. 

20. Living-room style pergola

For high-design and high-living, consider a pergola as an inspiration to take your life more outdoors than indoors. Move weather-proof furniture and furnishings outsides and gather around your family and friends for dinner under your new pergola—and under the stars. 

These beautiful garden ideas area possible even in the tiniest of gardens and we hope that for next year that you will consider some of them for garden prep! Getting outside is healthy, fun and good for you!

What simple changes do you make to your garden to prepare it for outdoor seasons? Tell us more!
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