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A modern Italian home with a playful twist

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Fabio Azzolina Architetto Modern dining room
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When you set your mind on a design, there are certain things that you expect that will be definitely be there. When it comes to the modern style, you will probably expect the use of bright colours, a bit of a minimal design, and large, open spaces.

However, the best thing about a set design, is how the architect or the designer will play around with it. Playful twists hidden around the home that will make you stop, take another look, and laugh, are what make houses by brilliant people so amazing and unique.

And luckily for us today, we have one of those special homes that have that extra bit of something, which will no doubt put a smile on your face. While it has all the things you'd want from a modern apartment, from the bright wallpaper to the lively light floor, it also contains a mysterious staircase that book lovers will enjoy and a interesting way of storing your various knickknacks. From top to bottom, we bet that you'll have a grin on your face by the end of this article.

The dining room experience

At first glance, you know exactly what you're in for. The hallmarks of a great modern home are all here. The white wallpaper, the light brown floors and furniture, and, of course, the generous amount of natural light, coming from large windows. While these are all the staples of a great apartment, it doesn't mean that there isn't something one of a kind about this dining room.

For instance, the large painting immediately draws the eye, giving the room a bit more colour. The paintings strange patterns will no doubt mesmerize all your guests, and maybe even inspire you to create something amazing upon the canvas that is the wall. Also, the descending black lamps add a bit of darker colour to the room, grounding it in a earthy colour. With such a solid foundation, it's great to see the designers adding simple, yet effective, touches of personality.

Side by side

Symmetry is one of those architectural tricks that usually goes unnoticed until one day, it just pops out at you from nowhere. While not perfectly symmetrical, both the living room and the kitchen get enough of it just right to make it work. This balance may create the feeling of calmness, as the orderly nature of symmetry means that there is a grand plan that is holding everything together. Furthermore, the feeling of symmetry also comes from the colour pallet, with both rooms sporting the white and brown of the dining room.

The kitchen, which is tucked away, keeps a very clean and ordered style, removing most of the clutter, meaning that there is plenty of space for multiple people to cook at the same time. Along with the clean design, the kitchen also has all the modern comforts one comes to expect, and you'll no doubt be cooking great meals in no time.

The living room, is an absolute paradise for any book lover and the bookshelf almost blends away underneath all those books. While the couch and the carpet play around with the black and white design, mainly thanks to their intriguing patters, the real star here is the armchair. With its sharp green colour, it stands out and welcomes you to relax with a book for as long as you like. For those that don't need the chaos of everyday life in their home, this is the right style for you.

The beauty of the details

As we previously said, the best playful twists of a good home are often hidden away. It might be the previously unnoticed symmetry of a room, some small decorations laying on your table, or even the way in which a room is set up.

The picture on the left is a great example of small baubles, which have clearly had a lot of love put into them. The metal work on the teapot and the intricate design of the wicker basket both show an attention to detail that is absolutely astounding, and they add a bit of style to the entire room, even if they mostly go unseen.

The closet is impressive in its stripped down design, doing a lot with very little. The glass doors, while simple, instantly stand out thanks to their dark frames. The lamp provides plenty of lighting, and the clothing is stacked nicely to one side, leaving you to use the rest of the room to test out a particular outfit, and get a good feel for it. Some may say that the devil is in the details, but we think that there might be an angle in there as well.

The walls have storage

Having a place to put away things is always a challenge. Many solve it by creating small shelves along the wall in order to keep the floor clear from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, this home has found an incredibly useful solution to storage. Both the bathroom and the bedroom, use these unique wall shelves to their advantage, meaning that you can put away things without having to worry about shelves. As an added bonus, the things that you put into the holes' act as little art pieces, meaning that they bring colour to the whole room.

In addition to the walls, the bedroom likes to follow the set palette of the home, combining light browns with shades of white, and keeping up with the high standards that the house has set. The bathroom lives up to these expectations as well, yet plays around a bit with the colour palette. In choosing a darker shade of brown, the room gets its own personality. Houses with smart design choices are always pleasure to look at, and are often the most inspirational.

A stairway to many worlds

Books are a great way of relaxing, while at the same time going on a grand adventure, all from the comfort of your home. This house definitely knows that, and that is why it has set out to make the reading experience as easy as possible.

The room on the left has a very relaxing looking bench, which will no doubt be the centre of many of these adventures. And, if you get lost in the book, the painting above will hopefully start you down a path that will end in more reading. Not to mention, both the painting and the bench add a bit of colour to the room, giving it a bit of new life.

And, once you've finished your book, simply return to the living room for about a hundred more. With such a tall library, you'll need help reaching some shelves. Instead of going the boring route of having a ladder, this home comes with a moveable staircase, meaning that you can enter into new worlds in a grandiose style. While you won't be living in a library, this is pretty much the next best thing, if you are a fan of books.

If you've grown to love the 'modern with a fun twist' style, and are out on the look for some more inspiration, this guide is a perfect stepping stone, and will inspire you to create some absolutely amazing walls.

Do you have twists in your home that you like? What part of the house did you like the most? 
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