Kitchen renovation costs you might have overlooked

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For many of us, the kitchen is the main central point of the home. We eat there, make food there, catch up on each other's day, and generally spend a lot of time together within that space—it's a hub of activity and social interaction. When we aren't happy with our kitchen, it can have a subtle yet significant effect on how we spend our time in there.

So when we're thinking about renovating our kitchens, we can't forget to do it by the book. The impact a renovation has on your home and yourself can often be underestimated; there's an array of regulations and safety requirements to take into account, as well as your own time and financial responsibilities.But don't fret! We're here to help ease the stress with a simple guide.

1. Not sticking to regulations

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Design Spirits

Tropical Retreat | SEMI-DETACHED

Design Spirits

This is a huge mistake. If you were to ever overlook a few rules and regulations in favour of something relatively less important such as a design amendment or a certain placement of a counter. Overlooking such an important issue can come back to bite you in the future!

2. Design cost

Even the most minimalist of designs can quickly rack up the bill. Whether it's infrastructure, timber, paint or accessories, you need to be aware of your financial capabilities.

3. Preparation works


Be prepared to face a hole in the home where the kitchen should be. Renovations can often involve a re-jig of the plumbing systems and the electric wiring in the walls. These things take time, so be patient and don't worry!

4. Living without a kitchen

When we decide to renovate and reinvent our kitchen, we can sometimes be carried away by the dream of the finished project—and forget about all of the things in between. Some projects require a total reboot of the kitchen which means a complete monopoly on the space. Unfortunately, this means no kitchen for you for a while…

5. Your own time

Whether you're stepping back and letting the professionals do the work or taking a more active role in the transformation of the kitchen, you are going to find that the renovation will cost you some time. It takes planning and work, so expect to find yourself exhausted at the end of the day!

6. Meeting safety requirements

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Cube Lofts

Extension, Loft Conversion & Complete Refurbishment – Kingston

Cube Lofts

An incredibly important part of creating your own kitchen space is meeting the safety requirements. For example, including a vent, windows, chimney or simply space can affect the suitability of the room. Make sure you know your stuff before it can have a detrimental effect on your plans.

7. Unexpected gaps

Depending on how you go about renovating your kitchen, things may go wrong (or horribly wrong). We need to make sure there's space for large appliances like the fridge, freezer and dishwasher. A shoddy job could mean inconvenient gaps that gather dust and dirt.

8. Parking

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Uptic Studios

Park Lane Residence

Uptic Studios

Kitchen renovations, more often than not, involve having people driving to your home to help with the work. Transporting parts, appliances and furniture often means a van or two needing to park close by. Ensure you leave them space for easy access.

9. Delays

Sometimes kitchen renovations will entail delays. Whether a delivery of cabinet furniture has been delayed, or contractor is behind on time, or even decorations and accessories need more time, there will often be delays in your renovation. Don't overlook these as it is rare for everything to run entirely smoothly!

10. Yourself!

Never forget that any kind of renovation, whether its the kitchen, an extension of another room, can take its toll on you as a homeowner. You'd be thinking about your financial situation, your family, the renovation itself, and any combination of other everyday life stresses and situations. Just be patient and keep the end goal in mind!

If you want to know more about transforming the kitchen, check out these 10 economic ideas to renovate your kitchen!

Have you discovered anything new about your kitchen renovation? Let us know in the comments below!

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