12 home storage brainwaves to make your life easier

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Essentialism, spring cleaning, minimalism, etc; etc;—these are all design or lifestyle trends we've heard of, and possibly even attempted to abide by. It is quite normal to go through periods of organising and cleanliness, only to find that you can't stomach the thought of throwing certain items away, or better yet, paying for external storage to take care of them. 

Don't let the idea of cleaning and storage be one more stress in your life! Choose strange that makes your life easier, so easy in fact that it's fun to use. All of the options below are fun, new and functional—some might even make you go, Wow!

1. Modular shelves filling up a small corner

Annoying corner space! We've all sat and stared at corner space in our homes wondering if a reading nook would be perfect, or simply leaving it blank? Well, proper storage is the perfect solution for corner space

2. Underfloor storage

Used in tiny homes, underfloor storage is gaining in popularity for its accessibility, ease of use and budget-friendly nature. 

3. A bookcase under the stairs

Under the stairs is the perfect place for storage units, systems and compartments. A combination of both shelving and cabinets is a perfect storage hack!

4. A simple and stylish way to organising clothing

If you properly organise and maintain your closet, then it shouldn't have to be a hidden feature. Choose glass sliding doors in order to motivate yourself to keep it nice and clean!

5. Freeing up floor space

Birdie Mounted Desk homify Office spaces & stores

Birdie Mounted Desk


In smaller homes, leg room and floor space is hard to come by. We tend to place tables, shelving and lots of other furnishings on the ground—avoid this and start looking up for more storage space, like seen here. 

6. Storage boxes for the bathroom

Storage boxes are perfect for lots of utilitarian spaces like bathroom, kitchen, toy rooms and laundry rooms. They can be rustic (as seen here) or über modern too! They are incredibly perfect for children's rooms for storing toys, books and other items in a cute way.

7. The mirrored medicine cabinet

MB1 Bathroom cupboard Loft Kolasinski BathroomStorage Solid Wood Wood effect
Loft Kolasinski

MB1 Bathroom cupboard

Loft Kolasinski

As most bathrooms will come equipped with them, why not add a sliding shelving feature to turn something traditional into something functional?

8. Sleep on it

Forget underbed storage that's visible, slides out or rolls in—simply get a lifting unit that can fit everything from appliances to fresh linens!

9. A living cube

What a brilliant concept! The living cube combines everything we need on a day-to-day basis in order maximise the minimalism in our lives. 

10. A stationery spot

One easy way to declutter a space is to find proper storage solutions for the smaller items in your home—desk and office supplies. Choose something both unique and functional to make a statement!

11. A wall-mounted fabric organiser

Wall-mounted organisers are temporary fixes to a permanent problem—but temporary in the best of ways! Change colours and layout whenever you want and keep your home super-organised. 

12. Look to the ceiling

Convivium Kitchen Livingfurnish Ltd KitchenStorage
Livingfurnish Ltd

Convivium Kitchen

Livingfurnish Ltd

Look up for guilt-free storage space! Not only will this save you on legroom and floor space, but if done correctly like seen here, it can be a great design technique. Storage solutions are abundant if you're willing to look and research what's available to you. 

Storage solutions for small homes are also available on homify—enjoy!

Which of these storage options is your favourite and most fitting for your life? Tell us more by commenting below!

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