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8 small home storage solutions

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Our modern homes are getting smaller and smaller, as per the pressures of the economic, blooming city centres and the pressures of eco-consciousness. When decorating and designing a compact dwelling, however, it is crucial you think about the furniture and storage that will fill out your home. Storage is an oft-neglected necessity within an apartment or small abode, but it contributes hugely to the overall functionality of the property. Without adequate storage space, individuals often find their homes filled with clutter, mess and in a chaotic state. Luckily, this can easily be mitigated through the use of clever and innovative storage solutions.

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to think of such ideas or to dream up new innovation. Never fear, because homify is here to provide you with a few ideas, inspirational examples and stylish options. We’ve gathered 8 different demonstrations of clever interior storage to suit a range of small homes. Check them out below to ensure your property is highly functional, sophisticated, and of course, clutter free!

1. Bedroom wardrobe

The bedroom wardrobe or closet is essential for holding all of your intimates, your clothing items and apparel, and often some of your bedroom linen too. 

However, in a small home, it can be extremely difficult to find a suitable space for a closet or wardrobe. Often the largest piece of furniture, second only to the bed, a wardrobe takes a huge amount of room away from the sleeping quarters. 

In this example we see that the built-in wardrobe works in conjunction with the bed, instead of on its own. Additionally, extra space has been placed underneath the bed, perfect for holding linen and sheets.

2. Mezzanine dining

Similar to the aforementioned under-bed storage, the designers of this space have opted for a dining platform. This platform offers a traditional eating area, while the area underneath can be used to store domestic miscellany. 

In this instance, the space under the dining area has been built to accommodate the owners camping goods, which would normally be a bulky household item to store.

3. Exploiting space

Here designers have maximised every inch of wall space to create a room that looks and feels great. In this compact home, storage space was limited, and so the wall areas were employed to house modular cabinetry. 

Inclusive in this design, we see a neat workspace, and plenty of cube-like sections that offer an area to hold ornaments, accessories, and other household bits and pieces.

4. Storage in the bathroom

When designing a bathroom, it is common to leave the toilet on its own wall, and away from the other utilities. However, in this instance, designers have maximised space by working around the toilet to add plenty of shelving, and even a place for the washing machine.

5. Harmonious entertainment space

Within the living room, we often see a reduction in storage options. This commonly means that one of the largest rooms in the home is limited in terms of its ability to provide handy and usable spaces to store items.  

In this living space, wall-mounted shelves have been added to provide a neat and use-friendly way to store media, books and other ornaments. This works brilliantly, and can be adjusted thanks to the movable shelving system.

6. Making the most of space under stairs

Under-stair space is one of the most commonly neglected areas in the home. If you have a space underneath your staircase, consider rectifying your storage issue by employing some neat, handy and totally usable shelves. In this example, the stair space leaves an area for the entertainment unit and television, as well as toys, books and games.

For more ways to utilise the space under your stairs, take a look: these neat ideas

7. Embracing corners

The corners, much like the under-stair space, are more disused areas in the home. If your dwelling is compact, and you need to implement some innovative storage systems, look to the corners of your room to add a stylish and sophisticated alternative to traditional cupboards.

8. Cafe-style living

For the final example, we present a cafe style home that has embraced a variety of different storage options and solutions. Here the emphasis is on high wall shelving, which keeps things out of reach of children, but also looks fabulously intriguing.

Now we are sure these innovative storage ideas will help you out in your small home, but be sure to check the rest of homify for more inspiration!

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