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20 3D facades that will inspire you do build your dream home

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When planning a home, there are many ways to collate ideas and find a style/project that you're happy with and ready to go ahead with. One of those methods is via 3D modelling. Through these specific 3D render, you can visualise exactly how your finished house could potentially look—at least in terms of the structure itself. The goal via this project is to provide some perspectives and ideas that will more or less resemble a finished house. In many cases, renders are far from the true reality but in this case, we've attempted to assemble some of the most realistic options for your perusal. 

Throughout this selection of houses, you'll see a selection of materials, textures and colours to choose from in terms of your own style, design and planning. It's all about having options, after all. 

1. Levels and cars

Here the cars once again take prime position, but we can also see that there is much more of the house to appreciate. 

2. Garage taking the top spot

Okay so it's not really a garage, more like a little sheltered but very stylish area for the cars. What it achieves is giving them centre stage at the front of the house.  

3. A stunning yard

Oh who wouldn't want to live here? Imagine a relaxing evening taking a dip in that pool. 

4. Simple levels

This house is beautiful, and while the two levels are kept very separate, there is a lot of unity between the styles and the overall architectural approach.

5. Large but welcoming

This modern home is clearly huge, and while it's a gargantuan structure, it has a cosy and welcoming feeling through its light. 

6. Secure and stylish

A big wall keeps this home secure but it doesn't compromise on style to achieve this. 

7. Below street level

Obviously the ability to build this largely depends on the landscape you have to work with (and you just know this one has a stunning view) but the style itself is very private but chic. 

8. Colours

Including beautiful colours in a facade isn't for everyone, but this house demonstrates how a beautiful pink shade can actually make an entire home pop. 

9. Square but so cool

A delightful little family home, this structure clearly offers something for everyone. Modern but not over the top, it's really something special. 

10. Different materials

The thing that makes this house really stand out (aside from the shapes) is that two distinct feature materials are used in the form of a stone wall and a wooden panel wall. This is a nice touch to add a quick and easy bit of personality.

11. A home nestled among nature

For many people it's important to keep a home completely in unison with nature, and this home achieves that—at least to an extent. The garden seems to extend from the lawn, through the house and onto the upstairs balcony.

12. One level love

The cactus' and entryway make this an incredibly secure home, but also one that demands quite some attention from the first glance.

13. Hidden beauty

Some people like to show off their homes via big, floor to ceiling windows, others like to keep their special little nook secluded and private. If you're fond of the latter, this could be a home for you.

14. Clean lines

Playing with different uses of vertical and horizontal lines, this home has a nice, striking facade that plays with privacy and openness. 

15. Number 87

There's no mistaking which number this is, so let's hope no mail goes missing! This 3D render is so amazing that is truly looks like a real house, and we love the mix of lines, colours, textures and materials. 

16. A grand facade

This facade screams of opulence. The lights, the trees and the structure itself all combine for a truly striking result.  

17. Discreet but stunning

It's unclear exactly where the home ends and begins, but what we do know is that residents of this structure get as much privacy as they want… and you can just tell that it's breathtaking inside…

18. Volumes that make an impact

Another example of a huge, modern home, this time with a bit of a rustic touch. 

19. The lights are on

And everybody is home, because where else would you want to be if this tropical little render was your abode?

20. It's not a home, it's a lifestyle.

Now this is what we're talking about. This isn't just a home, this is a place for recreation, fun, relaxation and more. If you enjoyed this ideabook, you might also like to take a look at this bunch, which are a little closer to home: 10 colourful South African style facades.

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