15 massive home renovation mistakes you can avoid

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We all make mistakes in life–there's just no getting around it. But when it comes to huge projects, like home renovation, we would all prefer to avoid making any rash decisions that might end up damaging the undertaking or even ruining it entirely. It's good to be smart about these things and to really plan them out. But just how do you know which mistakes to avoid? By reading this article, of course! 

We've put together a list of 15 massive home renovation mistakes that you can avoid to make your life easier and more stress-free. Avoiding these mistakes will save you time, money, and energy, so check out these tips and take them to heart, because we don't need you pulling your hair out over any miscalculations!

1. Take the time and measure correctly

Taking improper measurements from the get-go will confuse and irritate you, not to mention waste a whole bunch of money. As the old adage goes, measure twice, cut once!

2. Don't cut corners

Cutting corners in the prep stage will only cause problems for you down the road. No matter how trivial you think the step is, be sure to follow it.

3. Use the proper tools

Fitted Kitchen, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, Scotland, Glenlith Interiors (Scotland) Ltd Glenlith Interiors (Scotland) Ltd
Glenlith Interiors (Scotland) Ltd

Fitted Kitchen, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, Scotland

Glenlith Interiors (Scotland) Ltd

Don't settle for using tools that just happen to be lying around. Home renovations require a massive amount of devices for measuring, cutting, drilling, hammering, and so on. If you don't have the proper tools to start off, you could damage your walls or floors, which will only lead to spending more money to fix them in the future.

4. Don't gut rooms without a plan

Taking apart a room without a solid plan only causes more work than necessary. You also run the risk of throwing away some items that may prove useful in your new design.

5. Use high quality materials

We're all guilty of taking the easy way out when it comes to fixing things by using materials like duct tape. While that's fine for a quick fix, when it comes to home renovation, it's one of the biggest mistakes you can make. So stay away from the roll!

6. Don't try too hard to fit in

Ice White House-Luxury home, Quirke McNamara Quirke McNamara Kitchen
Quirke McNamara

Ice White House-Luxury home

Quirke McNamara

Trying too hard to create what you consider to be a trendy home can result in a home design that you're not even that fond of. Stay true to your personal style and not what's popular in the mainstream.

7. Think about doorway and corridor size

There is no standard door or corridor size for the home, so a big part of your job is creating a space that you know everyone will fit into comfortably. And if you have the space, make them a bit wider. Don't forget you'll have to trudge new pieces of furniture and accessories through these places.

8. Don't underestimate the work

Home renovation projects are a big deal. A really big deal. Underestimating the time and energy it takes to accomplish this will bring utter chaos later on. There will be messy areas in the home, and this is just something you have to get used to.

9. Think about energy consumption

Residential green roofs, Organic Roofs Organic Roofs Modern houses
Organic Roofs

Residential green roofs

Organic Roofs

We normally don't think about the ways in which our homes use energy, but in the remodeling phase, this is the perfect time. Consider things like solar panels to help with electricity. This will end up saving you a lot on your electric bill in the long run.

You could also take this opportunity to update all of the electrics in your home, like your sockets.

10. Consider your light sources

If you don't pay attention to where your light will be coming from in your home, it could result in a dark and depressing room, no matter how stylishly you've decorated it. Try to incorporate as many windows as possible so you can have more natural light that will contribute to an open and airy atmosphere.

11. Invest in colour swatches

Feature Wall Madame Ant Minimalist walls & floors
Madame Ant

Feature Wall

Madame Ant

Deciding on a colour palette isn't always so simple. Not because of design, but because of how these colours might make you feel. Take the time and go to your hardware store and look for some colour swatches. Take these samples home, place them against your walls, and really think about how these colours will affect your style and mood. That way, you won't make a terrible colour mistake that you have to live with for years on end.

For more information on colours, check out how different colours influence your bedroom.

12. Future design

Spiral Staircase with Oak Treads and Risers Railing London Ltd Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs
Railing London Ltd

Spiral Staircase with Oak Treads and Risers

Railing London Ltd

A design that seems wonderfully innovative now may turn out not to be so great 20 years down the road. Take spiral staircases, for example. Your young and able body certainly has no problem with them now, but when you're 70, that might be a different story.

13. Pay attention to safety protocol

No one likes to get hurt on the job. Aside from being a painful experience for you, it also slows down production. Pay attention to the safety rules and regulations for each part of your renovation, like for the wiring and painting.

14. Know everything about your property

You can't very well create a functioning and logical home without knowing each and every corner of your property. You and the professionals that are helping you have to be aware of where they can place appliances, windows, support beams, as well as many other items so that each element can work in harmony with the next.

15. Don't take on more than you can handle

Our last tip: don't take on more than you can handle. That's difficult when it comes to renovations, as these are enormous projects in and of themselves, but if you feel like the enterprise is too much to handle at once, you may have the option to complete one room at a time. The important thing is to be realistic about the time, money, and energy your renovation requires. That way, you won't be surprised or disappointed. Each of these tips are here to help you figure out what you can do and what you simply cannot do, so really reflect and plan before you start, and we promise you won't fail!

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Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? Would you like to share your experience? Feel free in the comments section below!

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