40 great ideas for planning a small kitchen

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 The increasing demand for housing in ever growing cities has led to a deficit of space and smaller homes.

 The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas of the home, so it’s important to get it right, but how do we make the most of a smaller kitchen space?

 There are many aspects we must take into consideration, for example, how the lighting will impact the feel of the room, and how best to organise a small space. There are other questions we could ask too, such as can we incorporate niches? Can the height be exploited? Can we increase the feeling of space with an open-plan design?

 In order to help answer the question of how to plan a small kitchen, we’ve put together a list of forty great ideas that you can use to draw a little inspiration.

1. This corner drawer is an effective solution for taking full advantage of the available area.

Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

2. White finishes will give the feeling of spaciousness and ensure improved lighting.

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn Baltic Design Shop Kitchen Grey
Baltic Design Shop

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn

Baltic Design Shop

3. Ample shelving will free up space, and lots of natural light will make the room feel more spacious.

4. Take advantage of all the space with cabinets to the ceiling; a great idea for compact kitchens.

5. A long bench transforms the kitchen into a multipurpose room that can be used up as a home office.

6. Incorporate the microwave into the cabinetry to free up more space.

7. Integrated environments are very practical, and they’re perfect for small houses.

8. Good organization is vital for a functional and clean kitchen.

9. Coloured finishes can bring a little charm to your kitchen.

10. Lighting built-in to the cabinets will ensure a well-lit workspace.

11. The high-contrast black and white colour scheme is a classic, and works very well even in kitchens.

12. Built-in ovens are very practical, and will help to optimize the space.

13. Using a combination of unusual colours, such as this yellow bench, creates a fun atmosphere in your kitchen.

14. This kitchen is simple and functional, yet stylish and modern.

15. The benches and seating facing the stove make this kitchen the ideal place to cook with friends.

16. The multitude of cupboards and cabinets create an organised space, while the green tones provide a little flair.

17. A simple, smart design is the key to the perfect kitchen, like the simple, neat layout of the kitchen above.

18. Create a more dynamic environment with cabinets in varied sizes and colours.

19. Concealed storage can help to create a really neat and tidy kitchen space.

20. Expand your workspace when necessary with pull out extensions.

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green Kitchen
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

21. Contrast black and vibrant colours for a cheerful and modern kitchen.

22. This kitchen is organised, integrated and inventive. Wood goes very well with a white colour scheme; creating a harmonious and cozy atmosphere.

23. Simple white surfaces can result in a minimalist and clean kitchen.

Devies Cook Company Txell Alarcon KitchenLighting
Txell Alarcon

Devies Cook Company

Txell Alarcon

24. Breathe life into your cosy kitchen by integrating decor that reflects your personality.

25. Inject some bright colour into your kitchen for a dynamic look.

26. Great lighting combined with a powerful, modern colour scheme will make your kitchen stand out.

27. Niches for bottles and a multifunctional bench are indispensable in a kitchenette.

28. Incorporating the refrigerator into a niche will save space and help to organise your kitchen.

29. Bordered by the workbench, the transition through open plan environments is subtle and natural.

30. Well planned lighting will make the room feel larger and help to create a more functional cooking space.

31. Incorporate striking, modern design elements for creative kitchen.

32. Use neutral colors and natural finishes for a rustic style.

33. Mosaic tiles can be a beautiful addition to a small kitchen.

34. If your kitchen is long, emphasize the depth to optimise the room and ensure a feeling of spaciousness.

35. Compact and integrated, this kitchen is distinguished from the living room by the floor.

36. Maximise space with a functional and intelligent slimline bench.

37. Using curtains can be an easy and affordable solution to creating concealed shelving.

38. The structure of this countertop makes the small kitchen appear larger.

39. Add more rustic charm by creating your own wooden crate shelving.

40. Matching tiles on the floor and wall make this small kitchen memorable.

 For more kitchen planning advise, check out this guide to creating an open-plan kitchen/living room. Or, for specific advise on planning your kitchen, why not consult a professional?

Which of these cosy kitchens was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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