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5 mistakes you make when hanging your curtains and how to fix them

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How many times have you started home projects without fully taking every aspect of it into account? How many times have you tried to decorate a room only to find out you made a mistake in the planning, which resulted in an incomplete piece of work? So many of us think it's unnecessary to plan simple home changes and when we're met with unattractive results, we waste our time and money and sometimes end up abandoning the project all together.

One project that many of us forget to plan ahead of time is hanging curtains. You might think there's nothing to it–most people do, and that's exactly where mistakes are made. But luckily, we've done our homework and have gathered the five common mistakes people make when hanging curtains and we're going to show you how to fix them! With each point, we'll tell you where you went wrong and what to avoid so you can have pristine, eye-catching curtains that will leave you and your guests speechless.

Let's get to it!

​1. Not knowing your workspace

So, you've found the perfect set of curtains to match your decor–the colour is just right, and that fabric is to die for. But when you bring them home you realize that there's no way these tiny curtains will fit your space. If you go into your project not knowing the dimensions of your home and window area, you're only setting yourself up for failure.

Solution: measure the space from the window to the wall. Most people think it's only necessary to measure window length, but there are other aspects to consider. Only after you measure the space from the window to the wall can you mark the window length and width. After this, you can go in with a clear head on the exact size you need to cover the entire area of your window. The amount of curtain fabric needed could be a lot more than you think.

2. Not choosing the right rod

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So you've found your curtains, purchased your rod, and hung them up, but only now do you realize that the curtains don't stretch the entire length of the window. What do you do now? What was the problem here? It's quite simple: the rod you bought wasn't long enough.

Solution: buy a rod that's wider than your windows. And this tip is tied to our accurate measurement tip just above. This ensures that when your curtains are covering your window, that they're covering them all the way. Otherwise, you'll have slits of light poking in around the edges, and that can be particularly distracting in areas like the media room when you're trying to watch your favourite film.

3. Inaccurate curtain length

Generally, your curtains should stretch 5-7 centimetres wider than the width of your window. A similar rule applies to where they sit on your wall. If your curtains are too short, your home ends up looking like a poorly built doll house.

Solution: choose curtains that are longer than your windows. Choosing curtains that brush the ground create an elegant and modern look. The more it pools at the bottom, the classier it seems. Having an extra 12-15 centimetres of fabric will give you the look you desire without making it seem like you just hung up some bedsheets to the wall.

4. Not choosing the right material

Now you've measured and have the right rod length, but after buying your favourite curtain cloth, you only now realize that it just doesn't sit well. Figuring out how you want your curtains to fall is key when trying to achieve that perfect look, but this is very dependent on fabric. 

Solution: do some research. Seriously. Figure out the material you want and look up some images online to see how they hang. Light, lacy curtains will have a flow to them and they won't sit directly on the window and they may move around slightly due to wispy weight, whereas thick silk curtains are heavy, tend to run down to the floor, and stay in place when they're open or shut.

5. Not hanging at the ceiling

Now you've measured everything, picked out the right fabric, and even gave yourself a bit extra for that classy pooling look, but something still isn't quite right… Well, we know what the problem is. You've hung your curtains directly at the top of the window. This may not seem like a bad idea, but hanging your curtains too low just throws off the style and vibe of the room.

It's common for people to make the mistake of hanging their curtains too low. Attach your curtain rods to the uppermost area of the wall so the curtains touch the ceiling. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, just shift it a good few inches above the window frame. As seen here, this will make the room appear taller and add an elegant, streamlined look to the room.

Solution: hang your curtains at the ceiling. If you can't do this for whatever reason, like maybe the walls don't call for it, then at least be sure to hang them five centimetres above the window frame. It will make the room look taller and much more organised.

So just what can you take away from this article? Plan and measure!

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Are you guilty of making one of these mistakes? Please share your experience below!
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