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15 main doors, fantastic!

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Similarly to how an outfit (or your great personality) makes a first impression before you yourself do—an entry way can do the same. You don't need a large home to make a grand first impression, small facades matter too and with these fifteen fantastic front gates below, you will understand what we mean. 

Everything from lighting, to materials and the architectural structure of your home will affect how people form their first opinions of your home, so shape up and take note. The examples below will give you some great ideas for a fresh start!

1. Decorative lattices and ironwork

For the best results with lattices and ironwork, hire a local blacksmith to get a one-of-a-kind design and first impression.

2. Elegant wood

Available in tons of types and stains, wood can be customised to fit the style of your home and depending on your attention to detail, the nature of the wood can make a sustainable or eco-friendly welcome to your guests!

3. A combination of materials (ideal for small facades)

For smaller facades, a dynamic approach is best! Here you have wood, stone, concrete and steel for a modernist view. 

4. A high door

Height in architecture adds drama and a sense of luxury—extend the materials of your front door upwards to create a sense of height!

5. The strength of steel

Forget wood pergolas when you can have steel! The structural stability of steel combined with its minimalist design makes this front door a beautiful industrial feat. 

6. Warmth and comfort—ideal for modern facades

Both the combination of materials and use of sharp greeenery have this entr way incredibly welcoming. However, most of the great warmth of this home is radiating from the use of the fabulous wood grain.

7. A door with great presence

Neutral, bright and relaxing. Continue the feel of the front gate on the interior of your home with a breathtaking view as guests walk in. A full-sized tree is an easy way to do this—it's a triumph of interior design

8. Frosted glass

Added for both privacy and aesthetic reasons, frosted glass doesn't have to look old and dated if balanced with the right materials.

9. Brightness

This minimalist walkway has a life of its own simply because of the single-strip lighting along the walkway that corresponds to the highlighted doorway!

10. Industrial details

Take repurposed barn wood to a whole new level with a dramatic door surrounded by structural steel beams.

11. Glass doors are a good choice

Similar to the industrial gate above, this door is made using a glass middle, surrounded by a light grain wooden exterior!

12. In vibrant colours

Want a quick change that will resonate with guests? Sometimes simply adding a pop of bold colour to your facade is all you need!

13. Details make all the difference

Flowers, lighting and even keeping a spotless, clean area can be the details that make all the diffference with an entry way!

14. An elongated and imposing door

So, you have the materials, the height and the great lighting—but why not extend the door out a few meters so it pops as the entry portal into your home?

15. Light and floating

E2 FACADE arQing Minimalist house



This front door has a plethora of the aforementioned ideas combined—materials, lighting, glass, wood and landscaping. By lifting the front door up a few centimeters, it now has a wonderful and modern floating effect.

These entry ways and front doors all have one thing in common—multiple disciplines and materials are at work to create a finalised and finished work of art. For more great entry way inspiration stay here at homify and have a look!

What type of entryway do you prefer? Why? Tell us below!
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