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5 quick and easy ways to cover an old, ugly sofa

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Just about everybody has one. Whether it was that cheap online bargain, a hand-me-down, or an inherited gem from your friend, the ugly, old sofa is one thing that just about every budding homeowner owns. 

Because sofas are so large, they're usually the focal point of the living room, and when you have an ugly or dated couch, it makes your room look a bit unfortunate. And, what if you don't have it in your budget today or even over the next year to get a new one? Well, that's why we're here today. 

We're not going above and beyond with sofa replacement–we're going to work with what we have and show you just how to cover ugly sofas easily and decorate around them. All they really need is a little bit of TLC. There's more than one way to disguise that ugly old sofa and each of these tips will help give your room the decorating facelift it so desperately needs.

1. Use a slipcover

Slipcovers are perfect for hiding each and every aspect of an ugly couch. Because they cover the entire sofa, your guests will be none the wiser of the ugliness that lies underneath. Slipcovers are made from many types of fabrics and come in a plethora of patterns to go with almost any decor theme. 

Some slipcovers are one solid piece that cover the entire couch, while others come in separate pieces. Any slipcover you're looking at will have measurements on the package, so make sure to measure your couch to find the one that will fit it perfectly. 

2. Cover it with a blanket

Designing a Vintage Living Room with Chesterfield Sofa Locus Habitat
Locus Habitat

Designing a Vintage Living Room with Chesterfield Sofa

Locus Habitat

Drape your couch with a beautiful flag throw, like the one we see here, or an afghan, or try an unusual textile that will add character to your space. These items impart a splash of colour to your room and take all the attention away from your ugly couch. 

You can also decorate the rest of your room with more ethnic or complementary items to coordinate the look. This will also help make it look like adding that throw was not just an afterthought or a desperate act to hide something hideous.

3. Adorn it with colourful pillows

This is a key interior designer tip, and so easy to do. Splurge on a bunch of throw pillows to draw the attention away from the ugliness of your sofa. Some throw pillows may be a bit pricey, but you'll still save a load compared to what you'd spend replacing the couch.

There are so many different throw pillows available on the market, so finding the one that fits your decor should be no problem at all. But whatever you choose, make sure you use enough to make a big impact. 

4. Get new cushion covers

Getting your sofa reupholstered is an expensive and complicated process, so in order to avoid that completely, you can opt for new cushion covers instead. Similarly to slipcovers, cushion covers will disguise whatever unattractive qualities your sofa has, but these, as the name suggests, just cover the cushion part. 

These are ideal for couches that don't have fabric on the arms. And if you're skilled in the craft, you can even create them yourself.

5. Use upholstery paint

Our last tip could be our most interesting one yet. Did you know you could paint your couch? Well, it's possible–trust us. It is one of the budget living room ideas that will help you to save a lot. If the colour is your biggest issue, buy some upholstery paint and get the colour you've always wanted. Turn your ugly, out-of-style green sofa into a sleek, black, modern one that's adorned with strikingly colourful accent pillows

Upholstery paint comes in a spray can and will instantly and considerably change the appearance of your sofa and room. The paint dries soft and won't rub off, but you have to make sure you let it dry for a full 72 hours before you use it. As a precautionary measure, test your spray on an unobtrusive area just to see if you'll get the result you desire. 

And if you're a particularly artistic person, here's where your imagination and creativity can run wild! You could paint your couch with patterns or images instead of something monochrome. Each of these tips are super easy and relatively affordable for anyone looking to hide that ugly sofa. Try one tip, or combine a few and see where things take you!

You can also use these tips to cover an ugly wall to give your room a budget makeover.

Some more tips for ugly old sofas

Residence 22, Mont Kiara Norm designhaus Living room
Norm designhaus

Residence 22, Mont Kiara

Norm designhaus

The easiest way to give an old sofa a fresh look is by cleaning it. If you are looking for tips on how to clean fabric sofas, sometimes all it takes is a wipe down with a soapy solution to get most of the dirt off it. Before you start cleaning the fabric, dust or vacuum the upholstery to remove as much dirt as possible. Then, make a solution with warm water and liquid soap. Dip a sponge in the solution and wipe down the surface. Allow it to dry for a few hours before you use it. 

Protecting sofa fabric

Semi-Detached Houses Design - Senibong Villa Johor,Malaysia Enrich Artlife & Interior Design Sdn Bhd Living room
Enrich Artlife & Interior Design Sdn Bhd

Semi-Detached Houses Design—Senibong Villa Johor,Malaysia

Enrich Artlife & Interior Design Sdn Bhd

You can also find fabric guard sprays to protect the upholstery so that splashes and spills don’t soak through and damage the cushions. Use them and reapply a coat at least once a year to keep your sofas looking clean for a long time.

If you're interested in sofas, then you might want to check out these sofa trends.

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