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9 backyard ideas to be urgently copied

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There's nothing quite like relaxing outdoors in your own backyard. It's the perfect place to meet up with friends and family, and have interesting, yet light, conversation. Out here, the choice of decorations is completely up to you. Luckily, creating the backyard which best fits your personality is fairly simple, and doesn't require truckloads of money to get it right. Even if the space is small, with a couple of good ideas, you can do grand things.

Looking for some inspiration for your garden? Well you're in luck, because in today's article, we will be presenting nine different sources of inspiration, which will act as blueprints, and can be quite easily copied, so that you can get the backyard of your dreams.

Whether you're choosing from colours, lighting, gardening or even leisure accessories, you should always jump at the opportunity to expand your backyard. And that's why we invite you to follow us through the article below and check out some great tips on how to make the back of your house more like an oasis.

1. Build a room in the middle of your garden

Outdoor spaces are the best way to keep both friends and family at ease. And, if your yard has enough space, go ahead and organise an entire living room in your garden. The result is incredibly welcoming and combines the relaxing nature of the living room space with the soothing effects of being in nature.

2. Decorate with bushes

As a way of escaping from the cold stare of certain walls, think of planting vertically growing shrubs or bushes, as a way of hiding the wall behind a much nicer one, draped in lively green. This is also a great way of bringing in more harmony and nature to your backyard. If you want things to be done right, don't feel bad for counting on a professional landscaper. Using up as much space as possible is important, so don't forget the walls when you're painting the place green.

3. Do not forget the right kind of lighting

A key component in creating the ideal backyard, lies in your choosing the proper lighting. Things like LED and neon lights are a great choice, as they cover a lot of ground. What's more, they allow you to play with colours a bit more, including in places like your swimming pool. This means, that you can perfectly fine tune what you would consider to be the most interesting backdrop to your garden.

4. Decorate the garden vertically

One of the best decorative tricks to give your yard a homlier feel, is to not only think horizontally, but also vertically. As seen in the garden made by the architects over at Gigi Botelho, a unique way of working with your natural surroundings is by using those surroundings to your advantage. By making the shelves wooden, you can integrate the vertical aspect in a smoother way, meaning that the added shelves don't clash with all that green. To reinforce the style, the vines growing on the side gives it a great pop of colour. When building in a new direction, try to make the switch as easy on the eyes as possible.

5. A perfect solution with pergolas

Pergolas are a great way of complementing your surroundings, and offering a touch of finesse to the yard. Although they are commonly made out of wood, you can find other, equally beautiful alternatives to adorn your garden with. One such alternative would be the thin metal construction as seen above. Any area covered by a pergola is made instantly special, thanks to the style and class the pergola brings.

6. Valuing the beauty of the scenery

For those that live surrounded by sloping grounds or in elevated areas, one of our main recommendations would be to pay attention to the gorgeous scenery around you. For people in these types of situations, we suggest that you buy outdoor furniture that can withstand the climate, so that you can enjoy those lovely sunrises and sunsets every day. Don't forget that no matter what you are planning, always keep your surroundings in mind.

7. A courtyard of dreams has a bit of everything

Exercising, resting or eating? The courtyard of your dreams has it all. Use of a bit of your space to place a barbecue if you're hungry. Or jump into the swimming pool for some great exercise. Or, if neither of those options sounds appealing, just rest in a sun chair with a good book. The possibilities are limitless for a well-planned garden.

8. Use the patio as an extension of the home

How you choose to separate the garden and your home is completely up to you. If you'd like to have them feel like these two places are more connected, the picture above will offer some useful hints. The position of the waterproof sofa by the pool, makes it look as though the house itself is extending out, welcoming the garden as part of the home. Also the way the palm trees and the stepping stones are placed instantly draws the eye inside the house, creating an unconscious connection between the two. While grand gestures are always useful, little details like these are what really sell the whole design.

9. Multiple places in one

In this courtyard, you can see the benefits of having a well organised space. Both the pool and the sofa area get enough space to one another, and they each serve a specific purpose. Exercise in one, relaxation in the other. And if you're having guests over, or wish to sit outside with your meal, the large table is a great space for that. Thanks to proper planning, any sort of mayhem that goes on in the pool, will probably not affect the table, meaning that you can eat, without fear of being splashed.

And, if you're satisfied with the way your outside garden is going and want to keep this garden renovation party going, this guide will help you set up a indoor garden with style.

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