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10 beautiful homes built with cost-effective materials

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The choice of building materials is one of the most important choices for those who will build homes and that directly impact the duration–and especially the cost–of the work. Therefore, those who seek economy and and who do not want to give up material quality and aesthetics have to prioritize the choice of building materials and finishes.

This article presents 10 beautiful homes built with cost-effective materials that serve as inspiration for anyone who wants to build an amazing home while combining quality material and economy. You'll find that even you can build a beautiful home and save tons of money with the materials you use.

1. House of masonry

The foundation, pillars, and beams have the largest costs of home building work. So it's safe to say that the structure significantly impacts the final cost of the work. Fortunately, there are building materials such as self-supporting masonry blocks that fully support a conventional structure. 

The ceramic building block is a great choice for those who want to save, and it can also be used without finishing, saving you that much more money. 

Here are even more photos of the home.

2. A wooden apartment house

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Wood is a material with excellent mechanical performance, great strength, and great thermal and acoustic performance. In addition, timber has unquestionable aesthetic qualities and is another material that can be used without finishing. And the biggest advantage of using wood is the cost benefit.

Here are even more photos of the home.

3. Demolition wood

An alternative and even more sustainable building material is demotion wood, or reclaimed lumber. For those who appreciate the rustic style and search economy, the tip is to use the demolition wood and panning in deposits of materials used. And dare we say it, it has an even better aesthetic than the new stuff.

Here are even more photos of the home.

4. Ecological brick

Those who seek to combine sustainability and economy can build a house with ecological bricks or adobe, which translates as mud brick, meaning it comes from the land. The ideal is to extract this substance from the land site itself, avoiding the cost of purchasing and, especially, the impact of the extraction and transport of the earth.

Here are even more photos of the home.

5. Concrete blocks

The concrete block also eliminates the use of structural elements and can be used with or without finishes, resulting in a brutalist and modern look.

Here are even more photos of the home.

6. A home made of sheet metal

The metal plates are usually used in roofing, but may also be employed as a coating material, optimized by subsequent painting. In addition to durability and economy, the house exhibits a contemporary and bold appearance. 

Here are even more photos of the home.

7. Container home

For anyone who cares about sustainability and searches for speed of construction–which of course results in greater savings in the cost of labor–the reuse of containers is a great alternative to expensive construction. You can combine two or more containers and adapt them as housing.

Here are even more photos of the home.

8. A home of recycled palettes

As we're sure you're well aware, there are a multitude of finishing materials. One way to save money and reduce the ecological footprint of a building is to use recycled materials, such as demolition wood, which we have mentioned above, or wooden pallets as shown here. This townhouse modern form was entirely covered with pallets, which gave the building a charming rustic touch.

Here are even more photos of the home.

9. Homes with Drywall

Drywall is a system composed of structural parts of galvanized steel and plasterboard sheets, resulting in a cleaner, efficient, and economical piece of work. The use of drywall walls is suitable for indoors and dry areas. 

Here are even more photos of the home.

10. A home with granite floors

Last up on the list–granite flooring. The granite floor consists primarily of cement (80%) and further additives such as limestone and plastic seals. Due to the durability and ease of maintenance, granite flooring is considered one of the cheaper options.

Here are even more photos of the home.

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