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30 ways to create a fabulous entrance for your home

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When you're proud of your home's superb interior design, it's only natural to want to show it off. But before guests even enter your home, they have to pass through your entryway. Having an entryway that is lacking style puts a damper on the rest of your home's impressive design. 

For those of you looking to spice up your home and make your exterior a better representation of your interior, then you've come to the right place! With this list of 30 inspiring ideas for a fabulous entryway, you'll be able to wow all that come to your home and way up that curb appeal! We have all kinds of tips, from the simple addition of some accessories to complete structural changes, and we're positive that more than one of these entrances will match your personal taste and inspire you to remodel yours. 

So grab a pen and paper and take note!

1. Pergolas

Pergolas of all varieties attribute a fantastic feeling of warmth to your façade.

2. Focus on the path

Attract greater interest by using different materials for the pathway leading up to your door. Here, marble steps were used for a classy and sophisticated appearance.

3. Pure lanscape

Nothing says welcome to my home quite like lush vegetation. Show off to your neighbours with different plant varieties leading up to your front door. 

4. Total elegance

Take things up a notch by combining different materials. This home uses a wonderful mix of stone, wood, and glass to entice passersby.

5. Texturize

Different textures add interesting dimensions when used properly. Take inspiration from this clever mix of rough stone, smooth wood, and matte concrete.

6. Mix up shades

Using a different colour for various parts of your entrance is another great way to add dimension and catch the eye. Here we have a soft beige for the protective wall juxtaposed to the striking white of the façade.

7. Semi hidden

Entrances that are slightly out of view give your home a mysterious quality. This entrance is moderately hidden by its position on the side of the building, but also by way of the small grey half-wall.

8. Easy access

But with hidden entryways, you want to highlight easy access to the building so guests aren't confused as to how to get inside. You can achieve this with a small fence or with large bamboo gates, like we see here.

9. Traditional colours

Using time-honoured and customary colours of your region is a fantastic way to achieve a fabulous doorway. Here we have the traditional azure and yellow colours of Mexico.

10. The tastefulness of wood

Wood is a classy material, no matter which style it's amplifying. It conveys warmth and grace. Pair it with a few potted plants and your entrance will leave onlookers thinking royalty lives there.

11. Modern charm

Stone frames like this are incredibly modern and even more intriguing. Used in volume, it creates a bold and offbeat statement.

12. Rustic touches

Get a bit of that rustic feel by using raw wood and soft lighting.

13. Imposing

For a grand and impressive appearance, use warm wooden tones paired with soft black accents, and top it all off with a pagoda to match.

14. Protective elements

This home has a lovely small tiled roof over the entryway to protect visitors from the elements. It also gives the façade quaint and homey character.

15. Bright and modern

How about wowing the neighbours with an interesting light show? Project different colours on various faces of the exterior and create a modern festival of lights right on your front lawn!

16. Illuminate the walkway

For darker entrances, use small lights to illuminate the walkway. If you want to be eco-friendly in this endeavor, choose the lights that go in the ground that are solar powered.

17. New heights

Make a big impact by using your home's height as an entrance feature. These stairs intrigue us and practically beg us to climb our way to the top to see what's inside!

18. Clean cut

Homes with clean cut, linear elements fit best to those of us with modern and contemporary hearts.

19. Protection and distinction

Make your home stand out with protective and distinctive protruding elements. Take inspiration from this home–these concrete walls jut out and convey an evident seriousness.

20. Maximum elegance

Larger-than-life concrete walls and gentle illumination communicates utmost elegance and respect.

21. Using lines to draw attention

Look at how this home uses linear design elements, such as the concrete walkway with parallel pool and strip of grass, to draw attention to the perfectly square entrance.

22. Garden varieties

As we've already mentioned, plants are incredibly inviting, so mix and match to create a tropical or urban garden and make your neighbours jealous!

23. Corridors

Long corridors like this leading up to the front door are perfect for planting long rows of greenery alongside them. 

24. Bold colour

Go for one-of-a-kind with pops of bold colour. Go for something striking, like this hot pink, or something more edgy with fire engine red.

25. Substantial class

When you have a home as massive and striking as this, the only reasonable thing to do would be to create an entryway that matches in power. Use concrete pillars like we see here for a kingly look, and match it with dignified wooden doors.

26. The importance of lighting

When structural changes are a no-go, focus on adequate lighting. Soft lighting is inviting at night and imparts a gentle interior.

27. Reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces like this super polished marble create an elegance most of us have only seen in movies. You can achieve the same effect with small bodies of water, like a pond or small stream.

28. Imposing wood needs nothing else

When your wooden doors are impactful enough, leave them as-is. Your neighbours area already curious as to what lies on the other side. But for an added sense of class, hang an ornate light fixture or chandelier.

29. Different styles

Create that clean-cut look with perfectly trimmed hedges leading to your front door. But don't forget to add variation with taller trees and a few round shrubs.

30. Perfectly framed

Last, but certainly not least, here's a home that incorporates a few of our tips in one glorious entrance. Linear cuts, a solid stone walkway, gentle yet striking illumination, and an impressive wooden door. If this does't leave you wondering what lies inside, we're not sure what would!

If you liked these entryways and just love looking at home exteriors in general, then we're sure you'll be interested in these spectacular façades that will get your neighbours talking!

Which of these are you most likely to implement at home? Let us know below!

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